COVID-19 Special Considerations for Summer FY 2020


Students must report no earlier than 0600 and no later than 1300 on report day. Students that report after 1300 will not be permitted into the course.(if flight is already scheduled please contact Sapper Ops)

All students will be tested to ensure clean population, to include Fort Leonard Wood personnel.

All students will report with all equipment, leaving the permitted area after reporting will lead to, at a minimal, dismissal from the course.

After reporting all students will stay in Sapper Leader Course lodging, there are no exceptions.

A minimal of two face coverings are required, preferable black. The neck gator is no longer authorized for use as face covering.

As the packing list states the winter packing list is currently required.

***Failure to abide by reporting procedures will result in immediate dismissal from the course***

1. Report to Fort Leonard Wood Main Gate on Missouri Ave. Inform gate personnel you are in training status for Sapper Leader Course and will report to Harper Screening facility for screening.
2. IMMEDIATELY proceed to Harper Clinic to be screened with all equipment, see map below.
3. Do not depart Harper Clinic without documentation of your screening.
4. IMMEDIATELY report to the Sapper HQ Building 6021 and adhere to the information posted on the sign in board adjacent to the front door. Ensure you are wearing an authorized face covering.
5. Course Medics will be available for physical pre-screening from 1400-1600 in vicinity of building 6021.

Required Documents: 1610/Orders, Physical, Battalion Commander's Certification Memo, Records Brief, and approved waiver. DA 705 will not be required due to HQDA Directive.

Sapper Physicals: Physical is required dated within 12 months of course start date. If installations have not opened physical exams, elevate the issue through your appropriate Chain of Command. No exceptions will be made.

Report day plus one:

0500: Students report to TA-106 in Full APFU with face covering
0515 - 0600: COVID-19 and Physical Exam screening
0600 - UTC: SPFT
TBD-UTC: Packing list layout
TBD-UTC: In-processing
TBD-UTC: Command In-brief and COVID-19 Counseling

Immediately following the SPFT students that are accepted in the course will be placed in a Controlled Environment for 14 days.Student phones will not be collected during this phase. Units can receive a report from their student if they were accepted.

(note: Beginning class 002-21 controlled environment will be reduced from 14 to 7 day controlled environment. Future reductions may occur in the future)

Location for screening facility:

Eligibility/Pre-requisite Rank and MOS


All Army Components:

  • Rank: E4 promotable (with proof of promotable status), E5- E7, and O1-O2
  • AOC/MOS: 12A, 12B, 12C, and 12N

All USMC Components:

  • Rank: E4- E7, and O1-O2
  • AOC/MOS: 1302, 1345, and 1371

ABC Foreign allied Soldiers are authorized. Check with your international student office for assistance.

Any service member that does not meet these criteria must request a waiver.

Mandatory Recycle Policy

* Due to COVID considerations only patrolling recycle is being used at this time.

To reduce travel cost, and improve overall chances to successfully complete The Sapper Leader Course the USAES Commandant has established the mandatory recycle policy.

Students that pass entrance requirements will be enrolled into the course. All enrolled students that fail to meet passing criteria in either phase of the course WILL be automatically recycled IAW the USAES Commandant's directive.

Students could remain in student status for up to 70 days. Home station Battalion Commanders may request an Exception to Policy (ETP) to forgo their Soldier's eligibility to recycle on STC Form 1W. The ETP must be approved prior to the Students report date, see waiver section below for more information on ETPs and Waivers.

Failure to apply for an ETP and refusing to continue training, to include refusing to recycle, will result in a negative Academic evaluation report (DA Form 1059).

USAR and ARNG units should use this process if they believe funding may be an issue. If proper funding to recycle is procured after ETP has been approved and you would like your Solder to recycle until completion coordinate with the Sapper Training Company at the first available opportunity for recension.


For medical waivers see the 'Physical Exam/Medical requirements block' below.

To request a waiver, individual or unit, must fill out STC Form 1-W.When completed it must be endorsed by the first LTC in your Chain of Command and sent to the Sapper Leader Course email box for approval. Accompanying all waiver requests there must be a Records Brief (ERB, ORB, ARB, SRB ect.), APFT Card (5500/5501 if applicable) for the individual dated within six months.

To allow processing time, all waiver must be submitted NLT 10 business days prior to requested class start date. It is highly encourage to submit waiver as early as possible.

Waiver must be completed and signed digitally.

Waiver Types:

  • Rank
  • AOC (Branch)
  • Exception to Recycle Policy
  • Exception to Recycle Policy
  • Cadet
  • Refusal to Train/SOR
  • Other/Multiple

For Students that have previously attended the course, but were dismissed for Lack of Motivation, Refusal to Train, or Serious Observation Report (SOR) a waiver must be submitted with that option selected. This waiver must be endorsed by the first O6 in the SM's Chain of Command.

STC Form 1-W (Waiver Request)

Physical Exam/Medical requirements

A COPY of the physical examination must accompany the student to the course, all three pages for the DD2807-1, DD2808 and supporting documents. The exam must be dated within 12 months of the report date, and state the applicant is medically qualified to attend. A Ranger physical meets the criteria required, however more stringent physicals are accepted. For example, SF, HALO, or Dive.

Medical waiver:

For those that have been found not qualified IAW AR and DA Pam 40-501 may request a medical waiver. Prepare DD Form 2870, Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information. Scan all front and back pages, to include supporting documents of physical. Email the disclosure form and full physical to the Course inbox.

Use the physical exam checklist, example DD2807-1, and DD2808 to assist you in completing your physical:

Physical Exam Checklist
DD2807-1 Example
DD2808 Example

Class and Graduation Dates

Class #ReportStartGraduationGraduation TimeLocation
011-2013-Aug-2028-Aug-2025-Sep-201100hrsNo Visitors
012-2017-Sep-202-Oct-2030-Oct-201100hrsNo Visitors
Class #ReportStartGraduationGraduation TimeLocation
002-2115 Oct 202023 OCT 2020 NOV 200900hrsNo Visitors
003-2112 Nov 202019 NOV 2018 DEC 200900hrsNo Visitors
004-2114 Jan 202122 JAN 2119 FEB 210900hrsNo Visitors
005-2104 Feb 202112 FEB 2112 MAR 210900hrsNo Visitors
006-2125 Feb 202111 MAR 2109 APR 210900hrsNo Visitors
007-2120 May 202104 JUN 2102 JUL 210900hrsNo Visitors
008-2117 Jun 202102 JUL 2130 JUL 210900hrsNo Visitors
009-2115 JUL 2130 JUL 2127 AUG 210900hrsNo Visitors
010-2112 AUG 2126 AUG 2124 SEP 210900hrsNo Visitors
011-2102 SEP 2117 SEP 2115 OCT 210900hrsNo Visitors

Required Documents/Packing List

Documents Required during in-processing:

1. Physical (DD2807-1 and DD2808, three pages each)

2. Orders (DA Form 1610)


4. DA Form 705 (from your unit within 6 months)

5. Battalion Commander's Certification Letter(Certified within 90 days of start date)

6. Packing List- See downloadable Documents

7. Hard copy of approved waiver (if applicable)

8. Proof of promotable status (for E4 promotables)

Reporting and Day Zero

Report Day:

  • Sign in on provided roster at BLDG 6021, Sapper Training Company Headquarters.
  • Uniform is Duty Uniform with pen
  • Fill out provided Personnel data sheet (White Sheet)
  • Ensure you have following documents in this order
    1. Physical (DD2807-1 and DD2808)
    2. White Sheet completed
    3. 1610/Orders bringing you to Sapper School
    4. ERB/ORB
    5. DA Form 705 (from your unit within 180 days scoring at minimum 230 total points with no less than 70 points in each event)
    6. Battalion Commander's Certification Letter
    7. Hard copy of approved waiver (if applicable)
    8. Proof of promotable status (for E4 promotables)
  • 1400-1600 Sapper Leader Course Classroom, BLDG 6021-Physical and documents screening
  • Lodging is available and open: BLDG 809, 810, 812 (see "Barracks Location" tab for strip map)

Sapper Training Company Headquarters Building 6021

Start Day (Day Zero) TA-106 PT Bubble:

  • 0450 Bags stacked outside bubble
  • 0500 Formation TA 106 PT Bubble (see below)
  • 0500 Roll call
  • 0510 Medical records screening
  • 0510 Ops document screening
  • 0530 SPFT


Barracks Location

Road March

The Sapper Leader Course 12 mile road march is one of the most grueling routes in the Army. The RM is a mandatory training requirement that must be successfully completed to meet graduation requirements. The RM must be completed within 3hours with 35lbs of Ruck weight. The weight does not include water, FLC, and weapon.

Road March.png

The difficulty of the route is not the length, but the drastic changes in elevation. The most notable are the infamous 6 mile and 8 mile hills.

Road March.png


The Sapper Physical Fitness Test (SPFT) is graded IAW current ACFT guidelines. The three events are: Hand-Release Push-Up, Leg Tuck, and the Three Mile Run.

Starting with Sapper Classes 4-20 and 5-20, Sapper candidates are required to report with a valid APFT Score Card (DA Form 705) within the past 180 days with a minimum score of 230 over all with at least 70 points in each event. The APFT will no longer be conducted at Sapper School, this is now part of the home station Battalion Commander's endorsement. Sapper Cadre strongly recommend APFT testing within 30 days of reporting to ensure students are in peak condition. The SPFT will be administered in place of the APFT on the first day of Sapper Leader Course prior to equipment layout. Results will be used for these two classes to determine an OML for entrance to Sapper Leader Course from the wait list. All Sapper Candidates will take the new SPFT, but during this OML based pilot phase, walk-on students will earn the right into the course based on their performance of the SPFT.

For those Soldiers who desire to excel at the SPFT, we recommend they train to meet or exceed the current ACFT 'Black' standards for the hand release push-up and the leg tuck.

The 3-Mile Run is based on the existing Sapper standard of 24 minutes (8 min/mile pace) and remains an event for points.

Academic Evailuation Report (DA Form 1059)

Students will receive a DA Form 1059 for the following reasons.

Graduation of the Sapper Leader Course:

  • Honor Graduate
  • Distinguished Leadership
  • Commandants List
  • Successfully completing

Referred Report (Negative DA From 1059)

  • Refusal to Train
  • Refusing to Recycle without an approved ETP
  • Serious Observation Reports
  • Excessive De-Merits
  • Violation of regulation, policy or established discipline standards
  • Negative attitude or lack of motivation

Students will not be given an DA Form 1059 for the following reasons:

  • Failure to meet entrance requirements
  • Dropped for Medical reasons
  • Dropped for Administrative Reason (e.g. Emergency Leave, Deployment)
  • Students that Complete the course in good standing without meeting graduation requirements outlined in the Program of Instruction

Graduation Location

Until further notice no visitors are authorized for graduations.

Primary Graduation Location is the Engineer Museum's Regimental Room at the John B. Mahaffey Museum Complex.


Sapper Handbook (CAC Login required)



Student Mailing Address: (no certified mail)

Rank, Name
741 Iowa Ave
ATTN: Sapper Leader Course,
Class # ________
Sapper Leader Course, 169th Engineer Battalion
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m CST

Phone Calls should be limited to emergencies only.


Send all requests for information to the Sapper Leader Course email listed above.

No student status will be given over the phone.