Troop Schools at Fort Riley provides professional and military education and sustainment training services for all Fort Riley Soldiers, National Guard, Army Reserve, Department of Army Civilians, Retirees and eligible Family Members. Our vision is to provide premier training services, including but not limited to: distance learning labs, instructor support through courses provided by Barton Community College, utilization of multiple classroom facilities, and access to training aids. Contact us with any questions or for classroom availability.

Training Offered:

  • CBRNE Defense Course (First Responder)
  • Combat Life Saver (Medical)
  • Digital Training Management System (DTMS) (Automation)
  • Field Sanitation (Public Health)
  • GCSS-A Supply, Maintenance Manager
  • Unit Armorer/Physical Security
  • TCAIMS (Transportation)
  • Unit Movement Officer (Transportation)
  • Unit Load Team (Transportation)
  • Technical Transport of Hazardous Material (Public Health)
  • Company Commander & First Sergeant Pre-Command Course
  • Air Load Planner Course / ICODOS
  • Self Help
  • Fort Riley Senior Leaders Course
  • Container Control Officer
  • Supply Manager