• Provides contract and resource management.
  • Provides training for low density Battle Command Systems. (22 separate classes)
  • Provides train the trainer assistance for new simulation equipment training, software version releases and contract instructor certification on Battle Command Systems.
  • Provides technical SME relating to simulations, training infrastructure or Battle Command Systems training.
  • Coordinates for and provide additional personnel to support training and exercise events.
  • Performs configuration management for software and integrate equipment and systems in classrooms, work cells, etc.
  • Coordinates for the maintenance of simulation and hardware
  • Provides representation at the PMRs and training related venues
  • Provides gaming and convoy training at map sites in Ft. Riley, NTC, JRTC, Korea, Iraq and Germany
  • Staff Training  -- CO/BN/BCT/DIV
  • Helps develop TOC SOP’s/staff battle drills/other TOC actions

MTC Individual Training

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  • JCR/BFT: Joint Capabilities Release/Blue Force Tracker (6 days)
  • JCR Log: Joint Capabilities Release-Logistics (5 days)
  • JCR ULM: Joint Capabilities Release Unit Level Maintenance (4 days)
  • TBC: Tactical Battle Command (CPOF) (5 days)
  • TIGR: Tactical Ground Reporting System (1 day)
  • AFATDS: Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (10 days)
  • AFATDS FSE: Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System Fires Support Element (5 days)
  • AFATDS FDC: Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System Fire Direction Center (3 days)
  • JDOCS: Joint Automated Deep Operation Coordination System Operator (5 days)
  • JADOCS Admin: Joint Automated Deep Operation Coordination System Administration (5 days)
  • DMGC: Digital Master Gunner Course (15 days)
  • DCGS-A: Distributed Common Ground System-Army (7 days)
  • MTS: Movement Tracking System (1 day)
  • AXIS PRO: Analysis and Exploration of Information Sources (1 day)

Virtual/Gaming Enablers

  •  Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS3)
  •  Warrior Skills Trainer Mock HMMWV

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