Are you and your family ready for an emergency? Emergencies affect hundreds of people every year. One may hit your installation and community and affect you and your family. When emergencies occur, military and civilian organizations respond, but it takes time to mobilize, and they focus on the most critical needs first.

Ready Army is a community awareness campaign to increase knowledge and awareness of severe weather preparedness among all Soldiers, family members, DA civilians and contractors who live and work on Fort Riley.

Disasters Don't Wait — Make Your Plan Today!














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Emergency and Weather Alerts

Fort Riley Mass Warning and Notification System

What you need to know:

Instructions for signing up for an ALERT account
  • All DOD military, civilian and contract support personnel whose normal place of duty is on Fort Riley are required to have an ALERT account.
  • Family members can be signbed up by their sponsor.
  • All CAC holders were converted from AtHoc to an ALERT account and should follow the instructions to verify their information and to add any additional contacts — two methods of contact are now required including after-duty hours contact information.
  • Employees on Fort Riley without a CAC can sign up for alerts — contact the Emergency Management Office at (785) 240-0400 for assistance.
  • Personnel transferring to another location can change their Association/Military location on the ALERT system — if you are temporarily relocating — do not delete the Fort Riley Association/Military location - just add the additional Association/Military location.
  • To remove a contact method, spouse or famliy member go to the ALERT page and remove their name.
  • If you are no longer associated with DOD and need to be completely removed from the system — contact the ALERT Help Desk (866) 515-0551.