MISSION STATEMENT: E Company, 229th Military Intelligence Battalion conducts unit training and supports the battalion HQ in the development of proficient and culturally competent Soldier-linguists in all undergraduate, continuing education, and strategic language courses during their tour of duty at DLIFLC. Additionally, E Co conducts operations to  develop proficient and culturally competent senior Soldier-linguists and Foreign Area Officers in all sixteen languages taught at DLIFLC. 


Upon arrival at E Co, Soldiers will in-process with the Orderly Room on the Second Floor of Building 616 (Taylor Hall) and be assigned to a Platoon (based off language). Students will provide copies of all mandatory 350-1 Army Trainings (valid within 1 year). New Soldiers will receive a Company level in-brief from the Command Team to discuss standards and expectations as a student at DLIFLC.

The Joint Service In-processing Brief (JSIB) occurs every Tuesday at 0700 at the Tin Barn. Currently, students are authorized to in-process with finance (1st floor of Taylor Hall) on Mondays and Tuesdays from 0830-1600. Ensure you have all your documentation for travel, receipts, and signature blocks for your DA 31. DA Form 5960 (BAH) must be signed by the company commander.

There are three on base living options: the Presidio of Monterey gated community where DLI is located, La Mesa, and Ord Military Community. If you plan to reside on post, contact the Parks at Monterey Bay (831-644-0400) to get your name on their list. Off-post living options: Seaside, Pacific Grove, Monterey, and Salinas are all within 25 minutes of DLIFLC. Note- All on base housing will claim the entirety of your BAH.

E Co holds company level formations at 0700 every Friday for accountability and information dissemination. Action notices are disseminated on Wednesdays to publish information, key dates, and administrative due-outs.  All students will take a Diagnostic ACFT within 30 days of their arrival to E Co. Daily uniform is OCPs and the last Friday of every month will be Class B’s; the last Friday of every QTR will be Class A’s. Students may be tasked to pull Installation staff duty. This will be an overnight shift on post; ensure you make proper coordination in the event you are on the duty roster.

STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: Students should begin forward movement on all AR 350-1 trainings prior to their arrival to the unit. Medical Protection Systems (MEDPROS) readiness is a critical task and students should strive to arrive in green status. Students are expected to make medical appointments and complete medical requirements as needed. Readiness metrics also include DD93, SGLV, and Personnel Records Review (229th MI BN S1).


CLASSLOAD / HOMEWORK: All courses will follow a curriculum schedule, which will be given to students once they begin class. The amount of material covered during each day is comparable to a week’s worth of work at a standard college. Homework varies by teaching team, proximity to a test, and course progression but typically ranges from 1-3 hours a night. The most academically successful students study 7-10 hours a week on their own on top of completing their nightly homework. E Co students often arrive with families and children, and it is important to set the conditions/expectations to be successful at DLIFLC.

HOURS OF CLASS: Core school hours are from 0755-1500. Lunch is one hour and is dependent on the school house. Students who need additional academic assistance may be given an additional hour of in-class time, known as “Special Assistance” or “7th hour”. This takes place from 1500–1600. Peer to peer tutoring is currently being implemented and students are to request a tutor.

Students who fall below a 3.3 GPA will be counseled by their Platoon Sergeant on a DA Form 4856. This is to ensure that E Co has situational awareness of students and their academic/personal situation.

Leave/Pass: Students are authorized leave and pass based on class schedule, breaks, and medical/personal emergencies.

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