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MISSION STATEMENT: B Company, 229th MI BN conducts the Battalion's Phase IV in-processing program, and manages all aspects of military life for the Soldiers in the Russian Language Program in order to continue the Soldierization process, ensure Soldiers are in-processed correctly and in an efficient manner, and to facilitate maximum language retention while complying with all Army Standards.


IAW TRADOC Regulation 350-6 and 229th MI BN Command Policy 1. Soldiers who graduate Basic Combat Training (BCT), will report to B Company, 229th MI BN, Bldg. 622A Floor 3, 431 Rifle Range Road, POM 93944.

Phase IV Soldiers (Soldiers arriving from Basic Combat Training):

Upon arrival to Monterey Airport, call BN Staff Duty (831) 402-4839 on BLDG 622 CQ – (831) 242- 5224 to coordinate transportation pick-up. Report how many personnel have arrived, and how many total luggage bags. Do not uber/taxi/ to base, wait until the Duty NCO has coordinated to pick you up. If for any reason you do have to taxi, request receipt, as re-imbursement may not occur otherwise.

While in Phase IV:

(a) Minimum 17 days

(b) Soldiers restricted to barracks and identified on post establishments. Curfew is enforced at 2100

(c) No off post privileges, and no wear of civilian clothing is allowed during Phase IV program

(d) Soldiers will not drive, nor be driven in any privately owned vehicle (POV)

(e) Married Soldiers - We recommend that you do NOT move your spouse to DLIFLC until you complete Phase IV, and graduate to Phase V. Power of Attorney (POA) can be used to assist with transportation and housing. You MUST obtain specific POA for finance related issues. Spouses are encouraged to use B Co. FRG page for any specific questions, or use listed POC numbers to contact Company Representatives.

Requirements to phase up to Phase V/V+ privileges:

(a) Complete all mandatory annual training

(b) Pass Diagnostic ACFT

(c) Pass a Command Inspection that will test your military bearing, attention to detail, cleanliness of barracks room, and military knowledge.

Upon completion of requirements, Soldier will transfer to company dependent on assigned language. If Soldier is assigned to DLI as a Russian linguist, then they will remain with B Company. Refer to each company’s page to reference what company trains what language, and for their further in-processing requirements. 


Upon arrival, 10 days PTDY may be requested for approval for Family relocation, and house hunting. All married careerists will reside off-post. For non-married careerist, a Certificate of Non-availability will be completed with Company Orderly room pending barracks availablity. It is recommended to not look for housing until non-availability is confirmed. Further in-processing guidance will be provided from Orderly Room personnel. Company 1SG will provide brief to each arrival to define expectations, and provide guidance while in B Company. If class start date is further than two weeks from arrival, Soldier will enroll in Company's Head Start Program. The Program's intent is to introduce Russian history and geography, and challenge critical thinking skills. The program is designed to be two weeks long. In-processing will also occur with designated Drill Sergeant, and policies and procedures will be discussed in initial counseling. B Company conducts morning PRT at 0500 Monday-Thursday. There is a Company formation on Friday at 0730 to inform of weekly information, and weekend safety brief. Afternoon PRT is available on limited basis. Drill Sergeants are available to assist before class, during lunch, and after class and on as needed basis. The Company Commander and First Sergeant have open door policies.


·         CLASSLOAD / HOMEWORK: The Russian Program is 47 weeks long segmented into three semesters. There is an estimated three hours of homework assigned each night. Tutoring from fellow classmates is available, and highly encouraged. The most academically successful students study 7-10 hours a week on their own on top of completing their nightly homework.

·         HOURS OF CLASS: Core school hours for all Language Schools are from 0755 to 1145 and 1300 – 1450. Lunch is from 1145 – 1300 and may be used to complete administrative requirements as needed, while also allowing Soldiers the opportunity to eat. Students that need additional academic assistance may be given an additional hour of in-class time, known as “Special Assistance” or “7th hour”. This takes place from 1500 – 1545.


o   (UEL) Building #613 – Cook Hall

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