Mission Statement:

The Fort Meade Provost Marshal’s Office ASSISTs members of the Fort Meade community by providing guidance on law enforcement, emergency response, and security issues. PROTECTs the community with 24-hour law enforcement, force protection, and community assistance while maintaining liaison with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. DEFENDs good order and discipline by enforcing the rule of law and policies of the Garrison Commander and the IMCOM Commanding General.


Police Desk: (301) 677-6622/6623
Operating Hours: 24 hours / 7 days a week

Admin records hours and information; Clearing hours and information requirements.
Responsible for enforcing environmental laws; hunting regulations; manages the installations enforcement effort in the deterrence of undocumented immigrants traversing the installation; and game and fish enforcement. Establishes safety and security checkpoints to ensure the safety of all Soldiers, Family Members and Civilians on the installation.
The Military Police Investigations (MPI) office is usually responsible for the investigation of crimes, such as crimes against property under $5,000.00 and crimes against persons except murder and rape (handled by the CID) committed on a military installation, but they may investigate other crimes in certain circumstances
The mission of the TCIS is to promote safety for all citizens through, education, engineering, and high-visibility, proactive, traffic enforcement. The primary goal is the prevention of personal injury and property damage due to unsafe road conditions and traffic collisions.
All personnel (including but not limited to active duty, retired, National Guard, and reserve military and their family members; Department of Defense employees and their family members; and civilians who are not affiliated with Fort Meade) who desire to maintain, frequently use, or transport a privately owned weapon on this installation will register the weapon(s) with the Provost Marshal Office (within three (3) duty days if the weapon is to be stored on post or if the owner intends to use the MWR hunting areas or ranges).