Aviation Division

The aviation division establishes aviation oversight, inspection, and standardization; advises Yakima Training Center and Joint Base Lewis-McChord commanders on all aviation related matters; serves as point of contact for all FAA related matters; coordinates and oversees installation aviation planning, training, and budget.


Air Traffic Services

About: The Air Traffic Services include instrument and visual approaches, arrival and departure clearances, and flight following advisories. Air Traffic Control Maintenance Section provides the aviation community with essential, accurate and dependable navigational aid and communications systems upon which they can rely for flight information and guidance in all types of weather on a continuous basis with National Airspace Systems.

  • ATC Chief 253-966-6136
  • AIC Chief 253-967-9886
  • GCA Chief 253-477-3883
  • Tower Chief 253-967-5525


Air Traffic Control Maintenance Branch

About: The Air Traffic Control Maintenance Branch completes the following functions: Performs planned maintenance on all electronic equipment used by the Air Traffic Control Branch in order to maintain a high state of equipment readiness. Performs corrective maintenance on defective equipment used by the Air Traffic Control Branch in order to restore it to it's designed standard of performance. Installs published modifications to equipment in order to keep the equipment operating within the design and engineering specifications. Installs new electronic systems to replace obsolete systems. Coordinates all maintenance functions to avoid any possible interruption of airfield operations. Provides assistance in future operations planning of issues that affect the Air Traffic Control Maintenance Branch.

  • ATC Maintenance Chief 253-967-0696


Base Operations

About: Base ops provide services for preflight planning and flight plan processing, air and ground control for all aircraft operating with Gray Army Airfield controlled airspace. Base ops operates 24 hours daily for the purposes of filing flight plans; submitting, filing and reviewing Notices to Airman and other flight related activities; operates and monitor NOTAMS; posts daily range activities on a JBLM-Lewis special map using colored pin system; initiates the Crash Rescue Alert Net when notified of aircraft emergencies and provide all assistance available; provides ground fuel services to all transient aircraft.; refuel and refuel services are provided 24/7 except on federal holidays. A two hour notice is required for fuel services on Federal Holidays.

  • Airfield Operations Manager 253-967-6676
  • Base Operations Supv. 253-966-2280
  • Base Operations 253-967-6628/5998
  • Base Operations Fax 253-967-6002
  • OSA Desk 253-967-4755
  • Flight Planning 253-966-6132


Vagabond Army Heliport

About: Vagabond Army Heliport, formerly Vagabond Army Airfield, is located at the Yakima Training Center (YTC) in the state of Washington. Currently, only rotary winged aircraft are authorized to land at this facility as the airfield has been closed to fixed wing aircraft. The existing 1,600-foot runway currently serves as a hover lane for approaches and departures. All units requesting parking at Vagabond AHP will coordinate with the Heliport Base Operations 24 hours in advance (PPR 24 hours).

  • Airfield Manager: 509-577-3719
  • Aviation Safety Officer: 509-577-3517
  • Base Operations: 509-577-3271


Airfield Services

  • Airfield Services Supv. 253-967-3586