PLEASE NOTE: For general inquiries, to make an appointment, or to speak to a paralegal please call 502-624-1408 or email  **Send PII/PIV and sensitive information through DOD SAFE** For urgent matters after duty hours, or to speak with the Senior Defense Counsel call 502-298-8377.

The mission of the Fort Knox Trial Defense Service Field Office is to provide specified defense counsel services for Army personnel assigned to Fort Knox and those Soldiers within the geographical area of responsibility of this field office.

USATDS counsel provide counseling/representation in the following situations:

  • General Court-Martial Representation
  • Summary Court-Martial counseling
  • Special Court-Martial Representation
  • Article 32, UCMJ, representation
  • Pretrial confinee magistrate hearings
  • Formal Article 15, UCMJ, counseling
  • Administrative separation counseling
  • Representation at administrative elimination boards
  • Representation at reduction boards under Ch 10, AR 600-8-19
  • Counseling Soldiers suspects on military jurisdiction crime matters
  • Representation of inmates at disciplinary and adjustment boards
  • Representation of inmates at sentence vacation hearings

Counseling is provided by appointment only.  Please call or email for an appointment.