The Administrative Law Division provides legal advice to Fort Knox, command staff, tenant, and partner organizations regarding administrative law matters. These include legal review of contract actions, labor and personnel actions, environmental issues, 15-6 investigations, reports of survey, line of duty investigations, ROTC cadet actions, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act requests, and other matters involving installation activities. The Administrative Law Division also provides classes on government ethics, government credit card procurement, and legal issues for commanders as well as initial briefings for newly appointed investigating officers (reports of survey, 15-6 investigations, Article 32 investigations).

Each of the attorneys in the Administrative Law Division are designated agency ethics advisors (DAEOs) and provide guidance on matters of government ethics (acceptance of gifts, travel benefits, use of government resources, conflicts of interest, post-government employment, etc.).

The Administrative Law Division acts as the coordinating office for the collection and maintenance of public and confidential financial disclosure reports.

Contact Information

HQ, United States Army Cadet Command
50 Third Avenue, Suite 229
Fort Knox, KY 40121-5000

Telephone: 502-624-7414
DSN: 312-464-7414

Fax: 502-624-0997 or 502-624-2488



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