Persons who ask the Inspector General (IG) Office for help, make a complaint, give evidence, contact or assist an IG during an inspection or investigation, or otherwise interact with an IG, often have an expectation of confidentiality. The expectation encompasses safeguarding their identities and the nature of their contacts with the IG, and protection against reprisal.

The IG has a duty to protect confidentiality to the maximum extent possible, particularly when it is specifically requested. While the need for confidentiality and the measures necessary to protect it will vary with the circumstances, the IG always gives this issue priority attention. However, it is important to remember that while confidentiality is a priority with Inspectors General, it cannot always be guaranteed.

For more information, reference Army Regulation (AR) 20-1 paragraph 1-12 or contact the Inspector General Office.


Is it an Inspectors General Issue?

The following issues and allegations are ordinarily not appropriate for Inspectors General intervention:

  • Criminal allegations
  • Issues that have other means of redress
    • Courts-martial actions
    • Non-judicial punishment
    • Officer/NCO evaluation reports
    • Enlisted reductions
    • Type of discharge received
    • Pending or requested discharge
    • Financial liability investigations of property loss
    • Adverse information filed in personnel records (except for allegations of reprisal)
    • Claims
  • The issue is not Army related
  • Soldier Equal Opportunity complaints
  • Civilian allegations of reprisals
  • DoD civilian employee redress through other channels
  • Hazardous work conditions
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Appeals of adverse actions within the purview of 5 USC 7701-7703

Report Fraud, Waste & Abuse

The Defense Hotline is open to DoD Civilian, Military Personnel, Defense Contractor employees, as well as private citizens. To report fraud, waste and/or abuse:


Identification of writers and callers are fully protected.



DA Form 1559: Inspector General Action Request