I will represent the retired military community of all services and grades residing in my home state. I will bring their matters of concern to the attention of the Fort Knox Retiree Council for action and consideration for submission to the Senior Commander and, if appropriate, to the Chief of Staff of the Army Retiree Council.

I will establish and maintain contact with retirees and organizations in my state whose interests relate to the retiree community. These include State Legislature (General Assembly), the State Office of Veterans Affairs, the Veterans Administration, and private organizations such as the Military Officers Association of America, National Association of Uniformed Services, The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Red Cross, Air Force Association, and the Marine Corps League, etc. I will render a report at each quarterly meeting of the Council (supported as needed by an addendum to the minutes) regarding our interests and accomplishments.

I will bring to those organizations a continuing awareness of the services offered by Fort Knox, and the contributions of the United States Army and Fort Knox to veterans and the retired military community. In doing so, I will take advantage of organization newsletters, the electronic media and Retiree Appreciation Day type events.

I will initiate action to recruit members for the council to fill current and projected vacancies from my state with consideration given to women, widows, and representatives of all grades and services.

2022 Fort Knox Retiree Bulletin

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