While the joint base is at HPCON Bravo, all MPD services except ID Cards and Casualty Assistance are virtual.

Soldiers MUST use their respective administrative or human resource office (S1) prior to contacting us!

Privacy Act Statement 

The Privacy Act of 1974, 5 USC 552a, provides protection to individuals by ensuring that personal information collected by Federal agencies is limited to that which is legally authorized and necessary and is maintained in a manner which precludes unwarranted intrusions upon individual privacy.

KOREA: Must provide certificates of completion of the USFK Theater required training (HTTP://WWW.USFK.MIL/USFK/THEATERREQUIREDTRAINING.ASPX) and Anti-Terrorism Level I Awareness training courses.  

Notarized authorization from the noncustodial parent or sole custody court order is required to authorize stepchildren to travel OCONUS.

See MPD to verify dependents eligible for overseas travel before initiating screening.

OCONUS are produced no more than six months from your report date.

MPD gives all HR/S1 representatives reassignment information for distribution to the Soldier. Soldiers must return all completed documents to their S1 in the same fashion.