The Directorate of Human Resources provides the base community with essential human resources support services to enhance the quality of life for those who work, live, and raise families at JBMHH and the surrounding communities.

Integrated Personnel & Pay System (IPPS-A)

The Integrated Personnel & Pay System will modernize Army Human Resources (HR) and develop a system for managing talent, reduce IT and military pay costs, and improve Soldiers’ lives through transparency and mobile capabilities. IPPS-A is innovative and represents a revolutionary leap forward in Army HR and IT.

IPPS-A is the critical enabler for The Army People Strategy and its transition to a Talent Management system and a data-rich environment. The IPPS-A Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite integrates over 1.1 million Soldiers into a multi-component (Active Army, Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve) personnel and pay system to deliver Total Force visibility to support Readiness, Talent Management and Auditability. The software that runs IPPS-A is the ORACLE PeopleSoft Suite, and IPPS-A will eventually completely integrate the military personnel and pay functions for Active Army, Army National Guard, U.S. Army Reserve, West Point Cadets, Reserve Officer Training Corps and Health Professional Scholarship Students in a single system.

IPPS-A will deliver visibility over the entire force and maximize the potential of the Army’s greatest asset, the Soldier, to enhance Army Readiness. It will improve access, timeliness and will provide auditability of personnel and pay information for the Total Army – integrating more than 30 current systems; eliminating more than 300 interfaces; ensuring secure, consistent processes and data; and meeting required standards.

At full deployment, IPPS-A will…

  • Become cyber / information assurance compliant; able to robustly defend our HR data.
  • Provide complete visibility of the Total Force in one Human Resource System ― over 1.1 million Soldiers.
  • Enable the Army to better manage the talents of the Total Force based on their knowledge, skills and behaviors to optimize Soldiers’ contributions to Army Readiness.
  • Provide audit capability for pay and benefits; ensure the best use of Army dollars to employ human capital.
  • Better Soldiers’ lives by reducing pay and personnel errors and providing full transparency of actions.
  • Create an integrated military personnel and pay system, subsume over 30 legacy systems and eliminate 300 interfaces,
  • Execute HR Transformation, MilPay Transition and Business Process Reengineering in conjunction with fielding IPPS-A in order to create a 21st century Talent Management system and a HR data-rich environment.