Operations Division

Performs a myriad of activities in support of Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall. Manages the Installation Operations Center (IOC). During Emergencies that affect the installation, serves as the Command and Control (C2) element for tracking, coordinating and reporting to the command and higher headquarters. Serves as the conduit between higher headquarters and garrison directorates for taskings, managing and coordinating the use of post facilities, ceremonial events and special events support.

Plans Division

Prepares and coordinates, Contingency Plans, Antiterrorism/Force Protection operations, Exercises, Emergency Management, Continuity of Operations, Program (COOP), Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High Yield Explosives (CBRNE) planning and preparedness and Mobilization/De-Mobilization operations.

Security Office

The Security Office is assigned the primary staff responsibility for providing Personnel Security (PERSEC) and Information Security (INFOSEC) administrative support and security investigation and clearance processing for Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall and its supported tenant organizations. PERSEC support includes developing personnel security policies and procedures, providing personnel security policies and procedures, providing personnel security training and guidance, managing the Garrison Personnel security database for all new and ongoing security investigations and clearances; and providing personnel security advice and assistance to garrison units and approved contractors. In addition, the office gives Area of Responsibility (AOR) briefings and debriefings for DA personnel traveling OCONUS. INFOSEC support includes providing a comprehensive Information Security Program. These duties include performing inspections, providing guidance in marking, transporting and storage of classified documents - including courier briefings and badges to qualified personnel. The Security/Intel office is also the program manager for the installation's Operations Security Program (OPSEC) and the Intelligence Oversight Program. The Security/Intel office is located in the Garrison Headquarters, Building 59 in Room B9.

Security Education, Training & Awareness (SETA)

The division oversees installation compliance with security requirements in a myriad of security disciplines designed to ensure the maximum protection of assets in the interest of national security. The division also provides security support to a number of tenant activities. The Security Division is comprised of three main offices: Personnel Security, Security Education, Training & Awareness (SETA).

The SETA Program supports all Army Security programs. In accordance with Army Policy, the Security/Intel Office provides a comprehensive Security Education, Training and Awareness Program. This program is tailored to Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall personnel and supporting contractors. The program is intended to be informative and inspire security awareness to current threats. The training program includes security briefings for newcomers and annual security awareness training. This office also schedules the Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP) annual training through the 902nd.

Emergency Management

Prepares and coordinates, Exercises, Operations Security (OPSEC), Emergency Management, Continuity of Operations program (COOP), Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and High Yield Explosives (CBRNE) planning and preparedness, and Mobilization/Demobilization operations.

Anti Terrorism

Provide guidance for the installation crisis management planning and execution during a terrorist event. Provides planning advice to the Joint Base and Deputy Commander's on new policies, crisis management, and possible threats to the base. Evaluates the AT program by conducting Force Protection exercises and program reviews. Coordinates with the Command units, tenants, and partners to ensure modifications affecting the program are understood and implemented. Ensures the JB threat statement is current and implements the installation's Random Antiterrorism Measures (RAM) to deter and defend against the threat(s). 

Additional Information

Helicopter landing requests must be PRE-APPROVED by JBM-HH DoO- Operations. Please contact (703) 696-1135/8323 to request a landing authorization request form.
**NOTE: Helicopter landings are only permitted at Fort McNair

Alcohol request forms can be requested by calling (703) 696-3290/91. When completed, they must be faxed back to DoO- Operations at (703) 696-6151. If your event is occurring within an MWR Club facility, then a request is not required.

For Installation Access and Reserved Parking Requests Please contact the DoO- Operations at (703) 696-1135/8323.

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