Our Mission

The mission of the U.S. Army Garrison Camp Zama, Directorate of Human Resources, Military Personnel Division, Identification Card section, is to provide equitable, accurate, timely and efficient customer service to the Camp Zama community through the ID Card section while establishing and maintaining strong relationships with our stakeholders to enhance the well-being of the USAG Camp Zama military and civilian family.

The ID Card/DEERS office is appointment-only. One appointment per person, per card. Appointments are not needed for PIN resets or email updates. Walk-ins are accepted, but please keep in mind that appointments receive priority, and wait times may vary. You can make an appointment here:

Search by using Alternate Search, Search by Site Name or Site ID “700142.”



A list of required eligibility documents required for ID Card Issuance by category can be located at https://www.cac.mil/Portals/53/Documents/required_docs.pdf. All documents presented must be original or certified documents. Notarized English translations must accompany all foreign documents. Translation must be accomplished by a neutral third party and must be certified from the Legal Office or an Apostille. Sponsors or family members are prohibited from translating their own documents.

DoD List of Acceptable Identity Documents:

For a list of acceptable primary- and secondary-source documents, please visit the following website: https://www.cac.mil/Portals/53/List_of_Acceptable_Documents.pdf?ver=2019-08-20-130159-397

Lost/Stolen/Confiscated ID Cards:

MP or local police report and two unexpired forms of ID issued by a state or federal government, along with any required eligibility documentation.

Blocked/Locked CAC (Pin Reset):

The blocked or locked CAC must be presented at an ID card facility. A six- to eight-digit PIN must be provided when unlocking the card.

Active Duty – Renewal of Expiring or Damaged CAC:

Two forms of ID required. Service members changing rank must have their profile updated in DEERS via the system of record. Service members can also bring their promotion orders for their DEERS update. Service members changing their name will need to process this action through their S1 (or equivalent) in addition to DEERS processing.

Separating or Retiring:

Two forms of ID, and a DD Form 214.

DOD Civilian – Initial Issuance or Renewal of CAC:

Two forms of ID, DD Form 1172-2 (signed by an authorized individual of the same organization), and an official Verification of Employment. Emergency-essential personnel will present a DD Form 2365. A CAC cannot be initiated until a profile has been uploaded to DEERS via the system of record.

Contractor – First Issuance and Renewal of CAC:

Two forms of ID and a Letter of Authorization. The Letter of Authorization must state all accompanying dependents. A CAC cannot be initiated until a profile has been uploaded to DEERS via the system of record.

MLC – First Issuance and Renewal of CAC:

Two forms of ID and DD Form 1172-2 (signed by an authorized individual of the same organization). MLCs must have a Foreign Identification Number, or FIN, issued before the issuance of a CAC This may make the CAC issuance a multi-day process.

Issuance of Dependent ID Card:

Two forms of ID and:

Military dependent(s) must be accompanied by sponsor and must have a copy of a digitally signed DD Form 1172-2 and a power of attorney, or the sponsor must have submitted a DD Form 1172-2 via ID Card Office Online, or IDCO.

Civilian dependent(s) must bring a DD Form 1172-2 with additional authorization from the sponsor’s organization, and the sponsor’s Verification of Employment.

Contractor dependent(s) require a DD Form 1172 with additional authorization from the sponsor’s organization, in addition to their sponsor’s Letter of Authorization.

Power of Attorney:

If your sponsor is unable to accompany you to your visit, an original valid general or special power of attorney will allow you to conduct business on your sponsor’s behalf.

Adding a Spouse to DEERS:

Sponsor will need to provide an original or a certified copy of the following documents: Marriage certificate, birth certificate, Social Security card or ITIN letter, and two forms of ID.

Adding Children to DEERS Under the Age of 21:

Sponsor must provide the following documents for the child: Birth certificate and Social Security card. If a stepchild is being added, the marriage certificate will need to be provided to show the relationship between the sponsor and the spouse. If the spouse is a Japanese citizen, family registry paperwork can be used to add a stepchild.

Illegitimate Child Under the Age of 21:

A single male parent of child(ren) will need to provide a court order adjudicating paternity or an Affidavit of Paternity from the state where the child resides, an original or certified copy of a birth certificate, and the Social Security card.

Full-Time Students:

The sponsor is responsible for updating their records in DEERS to include full-time students between 21 and 23 years old. A letter from the school registrar certifying a full-time course of study leading to an associate’s degree or higher with an anticipated graduation date is required. Sponsor must state they are providing more than 50 percent support.

TRICARE Young Adult:

Dependent children between the ages of 21 and 26 who are not enrolled in DEERS as a full-time student may apply for TRICARE Young Adult. TRICARE Young Adult is a premium-based health care plan that adult dependent children may purchase through TRICARE (www.tricare.mil). The ID card for TYA is only issued on the health care plan start date. NOTE: The ID card for TYA is not authorized for PX, commissary or MWR benefits.

Note:  Applicants must bring a previously issued CAC or USID to their appointment. A Signature Authority Memorandum (previously DD 577) must be on file with the local DEERS office in order for an Agencies Authorizing Official Signature to be valid. Click here for a sample of the required memorandum.