Softbank - Mon-Sat 10:00 -1800, Sun 10:00 -17:00

Helpful Numbers: Cell: 036-868-2382, No DSN Number
Helpful Websites: FAQ for US Military Customers

Softbank Inc. is the offered phone provider on Camp Zama to provide an avenue for soldiers, family members, and civilians to purchase phones and phone plans easily. Softbank bank is one of the main phone service providers in Japan. Other phone providers do exist off-base but may or may not be more difficult to navigate with the language barrier. Store location: Building #406 ( next to the Camp Zama Exchange Garden Center)

Once you purchase a cell phone, here is a quick call guide to help you!

Calling DSN numbers from your new Japanese Cell Phone:

Camp Zama: 046-407-XXXX (Last 4 of the number you are trying to call)
Sagamihara Housing Area: 042 869 XXXX
Sagami Depot: 042 869 4XXX

NAF Atsugi: 046 763 XXXX
NAF Yokosuka: 046 816  XXXX
Yokota Air Base: 042 552 2511 This will get you to the automated operator. You'll then wait for the dial tone then enter the last five (5) digits of the DSN you're trying to reach.

Cable Provider/ Internet/Landline Phone

Allied Telesis - Monday to Saturday: 1000 to 1800 JST

Providing voice, video, and data services to service members living at Yokota Air Base, Camp Zama, Misawa Air Base, Kadena Air Base and the US Embassy Tokyo. Allied is the sole cable provider on Camp Zama.

Helpful Numbers: DSN 263-1200, Cell: 046-407-1200
Helpful Emails:  ATCCStore@alliedtelesis.com, helpdesk@atccmail.com
Helpful Websites : Allied Facebook Page, Allied Telesis (Camp Zama) Packages