For those of you assigned duty with United States Army in Japan you will arrive at either the Narita or Yokota Air Base.

Arrival at Yokota Air Base (About 25 miles from Camp Zama)

Helpful Website Pages:
Yokota Passenger Terminal's Facebook Page

Helpful Numbers: Yokota Passenger terminal DSN: 315-225-5660/5661/5662 Flight Recording: DSN- 315-225-7111- Cellphone: 042-552-2510 then dial 5-5660/1/2 Commerical: 011-81-3117-55-5660/5661/5662

After your flight has arrived, you will be met by a MAC representative who will escort all passengers to the Inbound Customs and Immigration Area. There you will be given a general briefing concerning immigration and customs clearance procedures, instructions on how to complete immigration and customs forms, and the location of the baggage pickup area.

After completion of immigration formalities, you will pick up your bags and go to the customs inspection area for inbound customs inspection. If any of your baggage is missing or damaged, you should file a claim with Lost and Found before you leave the baggage area.

After you leave the customs inspection area, you should check with the Army Air Traffic Coordinating Office (AATCO) for transportation to Camp Zama. The AATCO will either have transportation waiting or will arrange it for you. Your sponsor may meet you either at Yokota AB terminal or upon your arrival at Camp Zama.

It is about a 90 minute drive from Yokota to Camp Zama.

The AATCO personnel are at the MAC terminal to assist you. Please avail yourself of their services if you need help or have any questions. There are also courtesy phones, wifi, and computers located at the terminal for your convenience.

Arrival at Narita Airport (About 75 miles from Camp Zama)

  1. Clear Japanese immigration (you will be directed to this area when you get off the airplane).
  2. Claim your luggage and proceed through customs (forms may be available from flight attendants or in the customs areas).
  3. After landing at Narita and upon completion of immigration, and customs, proceed through the South Wing lobby, toward the doors to the far right of the terminal (near Cafe Snow). Buses to Camp Zama depart the short term parking area at 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Buses are located out the doors, through short term parking to the back left area. Buses are marked for Camp Zama, or other American military installations. 
  4. The bus ride to base can range from 3 to 5 hours (bathroom is available on the bus). SUGGESTION: Bring snacks and a bottle of water for the ride. Also, depending on your arrival time at base, all eating facilities may be closed.
  5. In the event you miss the last bus to Camp Zama, use one of the two U.S. Forces telephones located at the DoD Liaison Counter. To call Camp Zama, simply dial 046-407-(last 4 digits of the DSN).

  6. If there are no TMP vehicles in the airport vicinity, you will be given instructions on how to proceed to Camp Zama by one of the following methods:

  • Purchase tickets for the Limousine Bus to Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT). The fare is ¥3,600 for adults and ¥1,800 for children 12 years old and younger. Children five years old or younger not occupying a separate seat are free. For individuals ages 13-25 years old and individuals over 65 years old, the fare will be ¥2,000. For individuals on PCS orders this cost is reimbursable. NOTE: Use caution to ensure you get on the correct bus. The Limousine Bus Manager at the bus terminal will check baggage and assist you in getting on the correct bus. Also, note that the last Limousine Bus departs Narita at 10:20 pm. You can expect a ride of approximately 90 minutes from Narita to YCAT. On arrival at YCAT claim your baggage and proceed to the front of the building where you will be met by the TMP vehicle driver. The drive to Camp Zama takes about 90 minutes. At Camp Zama you will be taken to the billeting office or other location as specified by your sponsor.

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  • Wait at the airport until the TMP vehicle can make a pickup. This may be necessary if you can not get the last Limousine Bus to YCAT. Travel time from the TMP to Narita will be two to three hours.

  • Taxis are not recommended. Taxi travel from Narita to downtown Tokyo is expensive and discouraged. Fares are approximately 18,000 yen including expressway toll charges, and travel time is about two hours. The taxi fare from Narita to Camp Zama is approximately 30,000 yen (official rate) or approximately $250.00. You can expect the fare to be doubled to compensate for the empty return trip. Reimbursement will normally be based on train fare which is much more reasonable.

  • There is excellent passenger train service available, but unless you are familiar with ticketing procedures and transfers, train travel can be quite difficult for the first time visitor to Japan. Further difficulties are met when trying to carry heavy suitcases up and down the flights of stairs encountered at the stations where transfers are made. In this regard, there is an overnight delivery baggage service at the airport. The cost to Camp Zama, for example, for one suitcase or bag is 1,690 to 3,280 yen depending on baggage weight. Use of trains, however, is discouraged unless you know your way or are accompanied by someone who does. The Keisei Skyliner operates every 30 minutes from the Keisei Narita Airport Train Station, located behind the Airport Administrative Building, to the Keisei Ueno Train Station in downtown Tokyo. Skyliner service between the Station is approximately 1,560 yen including the surcharge. The bus ride will take anywhere from two to four hours. You may be met by your sponsor either at Narita or at Camp Zama.

  • Airport Express Bus Service -  Connects Narita Airport with most of the major hotels in Tokyo including the New Sanno Hotel. Travel time about 90 minutes; fares, about 2,700 yen, children under 12, are 1,350 yen. You may purchase your ticket at the Airport Express Bus Service Counter in the airport arrival lobby.