‚ÄčABOUT: Army Civilian Wellness is a Department of the Army (DA) program intended to encourage civilian employees to improve readiness, resilience, and health by influencing optimal performance through positive sleep, activity, and nutrition behaviors; and supporting healthy working environments.  Guidance on civilian wellness programs may be found in AR 600-63, Army Health Promotion, para 5-2c.



The Army Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program is a fitness and health promotion program that balances the support for employee participation with the need to ensure employee work requirements are fulfilled and agency operations remain efficient and effective. This program allows eligible employees to use up to 3 hours of administrative leave per 40 hour work week to participate in this command-sponsored fitness and health promotion program. This time can be used for physical fitness activities, preventive health events, education on health promotion topics (such as nutrition and exercise principles), etc. Physical fitness activities can be structured or entirely self-managed, as preferred by each employee.

There was a fitness program in the past that was quite excessively strict and over-managed. This is NOT THAT PROGRAM! This program is indefinite and is not burdened by exaggerated oversight. Its purpose is to put the people first. Evidence has shown that employees who are afforded the opportunity to participate in such a program experience increased readiness and resiliency, enhanced morale, increased productivity and increased job and (most importantly) life satisfaction.

Interested in the opportunity to enhance your health and fitness during the work day? Read the “Employee Instructions Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program”. For more detailed information, read the Fort Jackson policy “FJ Policy 13. There’s no downside to this program…come join us!!

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Wellness Recommendations

* Command Policy. Establish a command policy or memorandum to promote a culture of health and wellness at your worksite.  Ensure your subordinate leaders know this is a priority for you.

* Establish a healthy nutrition environment. Motivate employees to choose healthier snacks through educational awareness and labeling. Consider implementing the "Go for Green" program in your dining facilities. Promote healthy "treats" on desks (such as nuts, fruits, popcorn, etc.). Engage with your local AAFES/NEX/MCX or MWR leadership on providing healthy options in vending machines.  Promote clean inviting food storage/eating areas (i.e. refrigerators, microwaves, break rooms).

* Promote sleep as a critical component to healthy living. Communicate the benefits of adequate sleep during a variety of meetings at all levels of the work force.  Employees who get adequate sleep perform at a higher level than those that do not.  Adequate sleep reduces injury, improves morale, and enhances job performance.

* Create a culture that supports activity throughout the day.  Encourage walking or standing meetings, standing work stations, and employees taking short activity breaks. Implement bike to work days where and when appropriate.  Sponsor organizational activity days built around physical fitness.  Initiate a command-sponsored civilian fitness program (CFP) through a healthy worksite memorandum or policy. One strategy is to develop a civilian enrollment form maintained by the employee, first-line supervisor, and an organizational site for the documents.

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Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program Patient Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Fort Jackson Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program. This program is for Department of the Army or Department of Defense civilian employees.

 1. Please read the program policy memo carefully.

 2. There are three forms (Appendix A, B and C) that an employee must fill out to enroll in the Civilian Fitness and Wellness Program. All forms can be accessed through the appendices tab.

Note: If there are any “yes” answers in Appendix C, employees must also have their primary medical provider complete Appendix D.

 3.  Once these three forms are completed (to include supervisor signature), the employee can call Preventive Medicine at 751-5251 to schedule an intake appointment with one of our providers. Appointments are available throughout the week at various times to accommodate your schedule

 4. Employees should bring their completed forms (Appendix A, B, C and D (if needed)) to that appointment.

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Fort Jackson Policy 13 ATC Civ Fitness-Wellness

Appendix A - CFWP Wellness Agreement

Appendix B - Physical Liability Waiver

Appendix C - Personal Readiness Assessment

Appendix D - Medical Approval by Health Care Provider

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