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The speed limit sign and a s speed monitoring device inside Fort Jackson's Gate 2 June 21, 2022. The speed limits just before active barriers have changed to 25 mph to give drivers time to react to the barrier rising if activated. (By Alexandra Shea)

Speed limits reduced at gates

By Alexandra Shea, Fort Jackson Public Affairs

Speed limits at Fort Jackson Gates 2 and 4 have officially changed to 25 mph now that force protection barrier installation has been completed.

“The speed limit recently changed and is now 25 mph,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Taylor, Physical Security noncommissioned officer-in- charge, 17th Military Police Detachment. “Since we installed the barrier systems, 25 mph allows drivers to react to the barrier if it is activated.”

The active barrier system are metal plates and rails that are embedded in the road and can be raised at a moments notice by guards to prevent unauthorized personnel and vehicles from entering the installation. The recently installed mental railing running alongside roads are the passive barriers and can trap vehicles to prevent them from being driven around the active barriers.

A speed detection trailer has been placed near Gate 2 to warn drivers of the change in speed limit.

“They are there to help notify the community of the change,” Taylor said. “Sometimes people are so used to seeing the usual speed limit there they are there to help.”

Taylor said the trailers will remain in place for about a month to continue to let drivers know the speed limit has changed. Taylor said during this time warnings to speeders will be given. After that, drivers exceeding 25 mph can expect monetary citations to be issued.

“Depending on how fast you go will depend on how much money the citation will be,” Taylor said. “It could be anywhere from $75 to $500 depending on what your speed is.”

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