Single Soldier housing gets an upgrade

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By Taylor Marie Smith                                                                                         Fort Jackson Leader
The Freddie Stowers' Complex is home to all single Soldiers from private to sergeant on Fort Jackson. It is made up of eight different barracks buildings, with junior enlisted personnel sharing a bathroom and kitchenette, and non-commissioned officers residing in a private suite.

Fort Jackson officials are doing all it takes to improve the quality and comfort of Soldiers and Families living on post.

The permanent party barracks complex was built in 2000 with a 5-year renovation plan for the Freddie Stowers' complex being approved in 2015. Contracts to have the first two barracks, buildings 2442 and 2446, remodeled were awarded in fiscal year 2016. The next two complex contracts were awarded in 2017, then 2018, with the final contracts for the last two barracks being granted during 2019.

Anthony McNair, a project manager and engineering technician for the Directorate of Public Works, said many upgrades are happening at the old buildings.

"We installed new furniture, replaced the carpet, repainted the walls, fixed the plumbing and exhaust fans in the bathrooms to prevent mildew, and did some minor work to the cabinets," said McNair. "We're currently on the third set of buildings that are getting remodeled; we still have one more set to begin repairs on."

The Directorate of Public Works offers engineering and environmental services for Fort Jackson.

hese services include sustainment, restoration of facilities, engineering design, construction management and environmental compliance, among other things.

"All of these upgrades are taking place so that Soldiers have a better quality of life," said Jonathan Stone, a quality assurance supervisor with DPW.

Soldiers residing in the barracks had to vacate during the renovations, but once it's complete, they will move back in and work will begin on the final two barracks.

Army leadership takes the quality of on-post housing seriously.

Preventative maintenance, such as routinely checking plumbing and HVAC systems before they have issues, will help keep the barracks in better condition. Soldiers with maintenance issues in the barracks can contact Fort Jackson's Housing Office at 751-7357. Residents can also address concerns or questions directly to garrison leaders by using the Interactive Customer Evaluations system.

The Fort Jackson ICE website is located at:

Brig. Gen. Milford H. Beagle Jr., post commander, and Col. John W. "Wes" Hankins, garrison commander, also host quarterly housing town halls to allow residents to raise their concerns directly to installation leaders. The next town hall is scheduled for 5 p.m. March 17 at Victory Hall. For more information contact the Garrison Housing Office at 751-9343.

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