Workforce development.jpgBy Josie Carlson                                                                 Fort Jackson Public Affairs

Whether you are looking for information about how to control your emotions; need help understanding your Thrift Savings Plan account; or want to be better at couponing, the Leader-Workforce Development Series has something to help Fort Jackson’s Department of the Army Civilians.

“We strive to create an environment that encourages and supports success and professional growth for the Garrison workforce, as well as Fort Jackson as a whole,” said Mary Jo Behney, Garrison Workforce Development Program Manager.

“We believe a critical component of creating this environment is building an organization that provides employees with opportunities for training and development,” Behney added. “The continuous education and development of the workforce are key to successful execution of the Army’s mission today and in the future.”

An annual training needs assessment helps determine what classes should be offered for the 3-year-old program.

“Based on the input from the assessment, we coordinate with several organizations across Fort Jackson to facilitate various training classes to meet the needs of the workforce,” Behney said. Thanks to the dedication of these organizations, we are able to offer a diverse training schedule. We couldn’t have been able to provide these training classes without the assistance of great organizations, such as the Employee Assistance Program, Army Community Service, R2 Performance Center, and Soldier Support Institute.”

Classes are free, and there are still many left for the rest of the fiscal year, including the Scam and ID Theft workshop, March 1.

Those interested need to RSVP to USAG FJ Workforce Development Program at or by calling 751-7535/6736.

“I highly encourage everyone to participate in a variety of classes … I believe that you have to continuously educate yourself and develop yourself in order to not only execute your mission that you're doing today, but also for the future,” Behney said.