ArMA (2).jpgby Veran Hill  Fort Jackson Public Affairs

Beginning Jan. 19, Soldiers who reside in barracks on Fort Jackson can now use the new Army Maintenance Application to report repairs that are required within their quarters.

The new app was developed to improve the service order process for Soldiers, Family members, and others living in Army-owned housing. Residents of Army-owned housing (not Residential Community Initiative) and barracks have the ability to submit, track and follow up on work orders themselves.

“Soldiers will be able to submit maintenance requests through their computers, smart devices, or publicly available websites,” said Jazel Cook, work order analyst with the Directorate of Public Works.

This will provide an additional method to submit questions, comments, and reoccurring issues. Customers will be able to check their submitted work order and the status 24/7/365, she said.

To provide direct communication with customers, the Fort Jackson Directorate of Public Works team stands ready to process ArMA service orders. The start-to-finish process is:

Customer submits service order through the ArMA app

Customer receives an email notification with a tracking number and priority assignment when the service order is accepted and processed

The DPW customer service desk will email any follow up questions and schedule best times available for routine maintenance

Once the work is completed the customer will get another email stating the issue was resolved

The customer has seven days to respond if not satisfied with resolution

After each submission, automated delivery of customer satisfaction surveys will be forwarded upon completion of each maintenance request.

“The ArMA will help the staff provide direct services to customers by providing tracking numbers, prioritizing, and direct communication to close the loop on every service order submitted through,” Cook said.

Fort Jackson Housing Manager, Tina Barnes said on-post housing is RCI or privatized, so the usage of the ArMA does not apply.

“Families living in on-post quarters should continue to submit work orders through Fort Jackson Family Homes,” Barnes said.

To access the ArMA, download Digital Garrison from the Google Play and Apple App stores now and link to ArMA at https://

Customers should go to: if there are issues accessing the ArMa.

Customers should not place emergency work orders through the ArMA App, call the JOB-EMER line at (803) 562-3637.