Comment prompts action: Housing adds stop signs

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Fort Jackson housing residents, the Garrison Housing Office has "heard you."

All way stop signs have been installed throughout the community in an effort to combat speeding through the housing area.

"Speed humps were requested to assist with speeding in the housing area at an earlier Town Hall meeting," said Emma Watson, chief of the Garrison Housing Division. To address the concerns, "we've installed all way stop signs in lieu of speed humps, which can cause delays to emergency response and or cause injury to emergency responders." They reduce speeding at the location of the speed hump only, she added.

The all way stops signs are at the corner of Willett Drive and Mills Street, Moses and Carter Streets, Parker Street and Phillips Court, Terrell Court and Chesnut Road, Faison Court, Burt and Imboden Streets, and Chesnut Road and Imboden Street.

Watson referenced a traffic study conducted Oct. 28 to Nov. 14, 2019 that revealed 73% of drivers did not exceed 25 miles per hour with the others traveling between 26-31 mph. The speed limit in housing is 20 mph, but typically 25 mph in residential areas off post.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the stop signs, do not hesitate to contact Emma Watson at 751-9343.

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