All newly arriving Soldiers, civilians and contractors must inprocess on the first working day after arriving at Vicenza or Camp Darby. Temporary lodging allowances will not begin until you start inprocessing.

All personnel arriving weekdays:

FOR VICENZA: Proceed to Central Processing Facility (CPF), Building 393

FOR CAMP DARBY: Proceed to Building 113.

All Soldiers arriving after duty hours/weekend:

MUST REPORT to respective in processing locations at 9:00 a.m. on the next working day.

Single Soldiers (<E6) arriving after duty hours/weekend:

Proceed to Ederle Inn reception desk and call barracks personnel at  +39 335-603-8263.

TIP: Incoming families get 16 hours of free care per child. Complete CYS Registration at ACS Parent Central Services.

The following information is provided for INPROCESSING at USAG Italy:

Documentation Needed to In Process

All newly arriving personnel (Soldiers, Civilians, Contractors) must in-process at Vicenza and Camp Darby, first working day after arrival. Service members must bring a copy of PCS orders with amendments, DA FORM 31 (Leave Form) and dependents’ no fee passports with visa. Civilians and contractors must bring their orders, letters of appointment, SF-50 (local hires), no fee passport with Italian visa along with family members' no fee passports and visas.

Do Civilian Employees go through In Processing?

Yes. Civilians and contractors must bring their orders, letters of appointment, SF-50 (local hires), no fee passport with Italian visa along with family members' no fee passports and visas.

How Long is In Processing?

For Soldiers: there is a schedule of events that lasts 10 business days (not including federal, training and Italian holidays). Civilians and contractors will receive a checklist that will need to be completed and signed by their supervisor. There is no time requirement.

Are the In Processing Classes/Briefings Mandatory?

For Soldiers: Yes.

For Civilians and Contractors: mandatory classes will be included on checklist.

Do I have to Turn-In my In Processing Checklist?

Yes, so we can remove you from our rosters and release you to your unit.

Can my Unit pull me our of In-Processing?

No. Classes are MANDATORY.

I just arrived but I don't want to sign in off leave. Do I have to?

No, however you will be required to pay for your lodging expenses out-of-pocket. Temporary housing allowances only begin when you report to in-processing.

The following information is provided for OUTPROCESSING at USAG Italy.  Please proceed to Bldg. 393 as soon as you receive your orders to begin outprocessing.  Bring with you copy of orders, DA Form 31 (leave form) and flight itinerary from SATO.  

Do I have to be in uniform?

Soldiers are required to be in duty uniform for clearing the installation and on final-out day. You can be in civilian clothes only when clearing facilities off post (i.e. Vehicle Registration, Housing or CIF).

When can I start my Out Processing?

Once you receive your PCS/ETS/RET orders, you should report to your respective out-processing facility as soon as possible to initiate pre-clearance.

Can I get my Clearing Papers earlier than 12 days?

No, as per Regulation, the maximum is 12 duty days prior to departure.

Must Civilian Employees complete out processing?

Yes, All civilians and contractors must complete out-processing.

Can my spouse pick up the Clearing Papers for me?

Yes, but only with a power of attorney.

I (Soldier) have already cleared CIF. Why do I have to go back?

Yes. You must have CIF final-out stamp on your clearing papers.

Do I have to return a copy of my Final Out Papers to my losing unit?

Yes, they need drop you from their rosters and must maintain a record.