When can I start my Out Processing?

Once you receive your PCS/ETS orders, you should report to the Central Processing Facility as soon as possible to initiate pre-clearance.

Can I get my Clearing Papers earlier than 12 days?

As per AER 612-1 dated Jan 2016, the maximum is 12 days prior to departure.

Do I have to be in uniform?

AER 612-1 requires Soldiers to be in duty uniform for clearing the installation and on final-out day. You can be in civilian clothes only when clearing facilities off post (i.e. Vehicle Registration, Housing or CIF).

Can I Final Out earlier than the scheduled Final Out day?

Unfortunately, you must final-out on the day scheduled.

Must Civilian Employees complete out processing from VMC?

Yes, AER 612-1 dated Jan 2016 requires all civilians to complete the out-processing process. Please stop by the out-processing office located at the Central Processing Facility, bldg. 393.

Can my spouse pick up the Clearing Papers for me?

Yes, but only with a power of attorney.

I have already cleared CIF. Why do I have to go back?

You must have CIF final-out stamp on your clearing papers.

Why do I have to turn in my SETAF license? I still have time here in Italy.

The AE 190-2, states the member must surrender the license unless the member is transferring to other European Command. Once you have “finaled-out”, you are no longer under the SOFA agreement which makes your SETAF License no longer valid.

Do I have to return a copy of my Final Out Papers to my losing unit?

Yes, they need drop you from their rosters and must maintain a record.

What are the requirements for the individuals who are out processing from Aviano or Livorno?

The Soldier needs to clear finance as well as provide a copy of their orders and leave form to the out processing office and get a final out stamp on their clearing papers.