NTC Protocol Bureau Mission:

The Coyote Team supports Distinguished Visitors (DVs) and Commanding General hosted events on Fort Irwin to build the reputation of the National Training Center (NTC) as a world-class combined arms training center for the U.S. Army.

  • Key Task 1: Provide protocol support as directed for official visits to the installation by foreign and domestic dignitaries to include arrangement of itineraries, billeting, transportation, social functions, receptions, and ceremonies.  Publish and distribute invitations, guest lists, social checklists with menus, seating charts, and welcome letters for general officer functions.

  • Key Task 2: Plan and administer functions hosted by the Commanding General of NTC and Fort Irwin.

  • Key Task 3: Assist and advise other organizations on the installation in regards to protocol requirements and issues.


New Visit Request Form Submission Instructions:



New Visit Request Form (O6 and Above) Download

Visitor Request Form (O5 and Below) Download