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Due to COVID-19, the Housing Office is conducting as much business as possible virtually. The following documents and links are for assisting with doing so. If clicking on the link does not open the file, try right-clicking and saving the file to your computer.


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Dear Army Family Housing Residents,


The Army has instituted the Army Maintenance Application (ArMA) as the primary means to submit urgent and routine work orders. To set up your account takes approx.. 5 minutes and may be performed from your phone.


Please set up your account now, because soon this will be the primary means for you to submit your work orders. Please register and submit the routine and urgent order thru ArMA system. Due to technical difficulties, the original start date of 1 Mar 21, to implement ArMA only routine & urgent service orders was not possible.  The issues have now been resolved and as of 1 Apr 21, all service orders must be submitted through ArMA except emergency service orders which will be called in at: 0503-356-4357.


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Once the last of the new housing towers construction is complete [January 2022], approximately 40 percent of command sponsored military families will reside on post at USAG Humphreys. There are many options for personnel living off post including family friendly neighborhoods, lake houses, and gated communities. The Housing Office is located in the One-Stop Building (Bldg. 6400) on the 3rd Floor and is your point of contact for all housing related matters.

•Military Family Housing (Offer, assignment, and termination)
• Government Leased Housing (Offer, assignment and termination)
• Off-Base Housing (Inspection, Lease review and OHA/LQA preparation)
• Unaccompanied Housing (Bachelor Officers and Enlisted)
• Furnishings Management (Loaner furniture and Full Tour Furniture Support)
• Facilities Branch (Housing Inspections, Resident Compliance, M&R Projects, Maintenance Issues, Resident Compliance)

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On Post Housing:

Incoming accompanied service members (all ranks) and unaccompanied service members (E7 and above) are required to reside in government on post housing and will need to submit orders, pinpoint orders (if applicable) DA 31 or installation clearance paperwork via email to

All incoming personnel will be advised on the availability of on-post housing and whether they will be authorized to reside off post. Once authorized, they will be provided the virtual briefing slides and additional pertinent information to residing in the private sector.

Military families who arrive to USAG Humphreys and reside on post, will live in a modern Army community with all of the comforts of home. From spacious and inviting accommodations, to an underground heated garage, large outside playground for children, and a barbeque pit to host cookouts with your friends, you will thoroughly enjoy your stay here.

To find out more about family housing at USAG Humphreys, contact the USAG Humphreys Housing Office in Maude Hall, Bldg. 6400.

Off Post Housing:

Personnel authorized to reside off post will go through a U.S. Forces Korea Registered Licensed Realtor to secure housing.   Lease preparation for the authorization of housing allowances are processed at Housing Office.  To obtain contact information for registered licensed realtors in your area, please visit USAG Housing Office.

Camp Humphreys has a wide variety of off post housing options to choose from that are within a short driving distance from the installation. Individuals relocating from another installation in Korea should contact their local housing office as soon as they receive notice of their unit’s relocation to find out more about how to transition from one off post living location to another.

Unaccompanied Personnel/Single Soldier Housing:

Unaccompanied service members (E7 and above) are assigned to studio type apartments, with separate living and bedroom that also has a full kitchen. 

Single Soldiers who arrive on an unaccompanied tour to USAG Humphreys have the unique opportunity to stay in new barracks that feature spacious bedrooms and a large day room with a kitchen on each floor.

REMINDER: Unaccompanied military personnel ARE NOT authorized to bring pets.


Soldiers with families at USAG Humphreys can expect to stay in hotel lodging  until they relocate to permanent housing. Soldiers on an unaccompanied tour can expect to transition to senior living quarters (SLQ) or off-post housing if authorized; after completing in-processing.

During in-processing Soldiers and families will receive a briefing from the Housing Office on the availability of houses on-post based on the following guidance:

Unaccompanied tour: E7 and above ranks are mandatorily assigned to Senior Leader Quarters (SLQs) if occupancy rate is BELOW 95%. The Housing Office will provide off-post guidance / process if OVER 95% occupancy rate.

Accompanied (Command-sponsored): Command Sponsored Personnel (CSP) are typically assigned to Army Family Housing (AFH) however AFH has consistently been over 95% occupancy rate at this time therefore current incoming CSP will be residing off post. Exceptions will be CSP Key Billet (KB) and Key Essential (KE) service members as these positions are required to be on post due to mission essential requirements.

Housing availability: If housing is not available on post you will receive guidance from the Installation Housing Office to the approved list of realtors to assist you in finding a home. Many realtors can assist you with finding a home that will fit your needs.

Furniture: If command-sponsored, Housing has almost everything you need for your apartment. You can bring your own furniture; just keep in mind that the apartments are not “American-sized” and there may not be storage rooms for your excess.

For more information go to Army Housing Online User Services  and select "Humphreys" in the "Select your installation" drop down.


AMC and IMCOM have prepared a dedicated ICE comment card to obtain your feedback on the completion of service/work orders in Army housing (government on post; off post leased; SLQs and Barracks).     

 Use this ICE link

 For Army Family Housing Work Orders

Select Housing

Then Work Order Satisfaction - Army Family Housing Work Orders


For Unaccompanied Housing (SLQs & Barracks) Select Housing Then Work Order Satisfaction - Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Work Orders


As always if you have any life, health, safety concerns or maintenance issues reported and not resolved, please call the Housing Hotline at DSN: 456-6068 / COMM: 0503-356-6068.

The number for DPW Self Help is 755-1892/1893 or 0503-355-1892 / 1893.










The Housing Services Office is composed of three divisions, the Housing Services Office (HSO), Unaccompanied Housing and Army Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) Division.