Pre-Transition Processing

The objective of pre-transition processing is to provide procedures to ensure a pre-transition process is conducted in a manner which leaves separating Soldiers with a positive regard for the Army, with a feeling that the Army appreciates their service, and with a sense that the Army is interested in their welfare and transition to the civilian community. Pre-transition processing provides an opportunity to thank Soldiers for honorable service, reinforce good will among transitioning Soldiers, and encourage positive word of mouth advertising regarding Army experiences. Pre-transition processing gives the Soldier and spouse relevant information in advance of separation to facilitate planning for a successful transition to civilian life, and clearly communicates the benefits and opportunities available through participation in the USAR or ARNG.

DD Form 214 is the most important military document a Service Member receives! 

The Transition Center (TC), generates and issues DD Form 214's (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty), Honorable discharge certificates, Retirement Flag and Pin, Spouse Appreciation Certificates, Presidential Certificate of Appreciation and as applicable, submits request for Presidential Letter of Appreciation (PLOA) for Retirees with (30) or more years of creditable service for retired pay.


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Retirees should attend briefing 18 months prior to their requested retirement date.

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Normal ETS

For normal transition dates, start 180 days before effective date of transition for Soldiers scheduled for normal transition upon completion of active duty service.

In Country Separations (ICS)

An In Country Separation is required for anyone intending to separate from and take leave within the Republic of Korea before or after their separation date.

(If you do not have an approved In Country Separation prior to taking transitional/terminal leave ALL of your Korea Entitlements will stop.)

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For separations prior to normal transition date, start pre-transition processing for the Soldier upon initiation of separation action.


Unqualified Resignation (UQR)

No early than (NET) 12 months no later than (NLT) 6 months prior to requested separation date.