ASAP_Logo_2022.pngThe Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) mission is to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army´s workforce, to conserve manpower, and enhance the combat readiness of Soldiers.
The purpose of the Army Substance Abuse program is to deter substance abuse by providing prevention education, random drug testing and referral sources to Civilians and Soldiers as well as present supervisors and commanders with the tools to assess the readiness of their personnel or unit.
ASAP Services
(706) 791-3437
Oversees the ASAP Program and organizes and facilitates the Senior Commanders Ready and Resilient Council. 
Prevention Supervisor
Deploys evidence-based services, awareness campaigns, and initiatives to build and sustain readiness.  Assist in delivering substance abuse prevention training and provide educational resources. 
Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (EAP)
(706) 791-8500
Provides confidential, short-term, non-clinical counseling and referral services to employees and their family members. Offers training to employees and supervisors on identifying and managing substance abuse issues in the workplace. EAP services brochure
ASAP Specialists (Risk Reduction/Prevention Coordinator)
(706) 791-7860
Assist commanders with identifying high risk events and mitigating risk, conduct Unit Risk Inventories (URI) and Reintegration URI surveys, and implement intervention services. Responsible for the Commander’s Risk Reduction Toolkit (CRRT) training and approving CRRT accounts.  To register for a CRRT account, go to
ASAP Specialist (Suicide Prevention/Prevention Coordinator)
(706) 791-3985
Implement control measures to address and minimize risk factors for suicide while strengthening the factors that mitigate those risk to include awareness briefs, small group discussion-based training and ACE-SI.  Provides substance abuse prevention training.
Drug Testing Program
(706) 791-3674
Deter service members from abusing drugs including illegal drugs and other illicit drugs, a tool for commanders to assess the security, military fitness, good order and discipline of their commands and serve as a basis to take appropriate action, adverse or other (including referral for treatment), with a service member based on a positive test result. For further information, go to LANDWAR NET (
Army Civilian Fitness Program
The Army Civilian Fitness Program intends to encourage civilian employees to engage in developing or continuing overall healthy lifestyles. Evidence indicates that employees afforded the opportunity to participate in fitness and health promotions programs experience increased readiness and resiliency, enhance morale, increased productivity and increased job and life satisfaction.