Our Mission Is To: Provide shipping and receiving of Ammunition and Explosives and the issue and Turn-In of Ammunition and Explosives. Conduct classification inspection of unit turn-in on unexpended ammunition for serviceability and verification of fired cartridges cases and inspections of residue and packaging materials for the presence of extraneous, live or hazardous materials. Provide installation logistics services to sustain unit readiness, ensure responsive force generation, and improve quality of life in our communities.

Assets available to support training missions:

-3 Large above ground ammunition bunkers (Class 1.1)
-4 Small above ground ammunition bunkers (Class 1.1)
-1 Ammunition Supply Point Warehouse 
-1 Safe Haven fenced in area

Units must contact the ASP and coordinate and schedule specific issue and turn-in dates/times.
Unscheduled walk-ins will not be supported.

Viewable on AKO with CAC Authentication

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