USAG Devens RFTA Dining Facility Now Open

food-service.jpgOur Mission Is To: Provide assistance to the Installation Reserve Units to improve the overall quality and efficiency to the Army Food Service Program and the quality of life for the United States Army Reserves. To ensure Military Personnel consuming their daily meals stay healthy and “Fit to Fight”.



Dining Facility FAQs

1.       What are the hours of operation?

a.       Breakfast 0630-0800, Lunch 1130-1300, Dinner 1600-1730

2.       What is the cost for DOD & government employees to eat at the dining facility?

a.       Breakfast $4.30, Lunch $6.85, Dinner $5.95

3.       Are there locations on USAG Devens RFTA to hook up/operate an MKT/CK?

a.       Yes. There are 3 locations around building 665 for MKT/CK hookups. Soldiers are allowed to eat inside building 665 (additional DFAC bldg), however, units are not allowed to cook inside that building. Units will need to reserve the MKT/CK spots and bldg. 665 in RFMSS and pick up keys through DPTMS Operations.

4.       What restaurants are on the approved vendor list?

a.       Lazy Mary’s- Ayer, MA

b.      Uno Foods- Brockton, MA

c.       Hamel’s Creative Catering- Holyoke, MA

d.      LIghtlife Foods, Inc- Turners Falls, MA

e.      Great Circle Catering- Portsmouth, NH

f.        Creedon and Co- Worcester, MA             

g.       Il Forno- Littleton, MA

* The above vendors have been approved by the Public Health Activity to bring cooked food onto USAG Devens RFTA. Requests for vendors not listed above must be submitted through the DPTMS Director, Mr. Keith Jackson

5.       Will the ATM still be available during renovations?

a.       Yes, the vestibule will remain open for access to the ATM.

6.       Are there refrigeration/freezing capabilities located in building 665?

a.       Yes. One refrigerator and one freezer are located inside and two refrigerators are located outside Bldg 665.

7.       Is there a functioning dishwasher in Bldg 665?

a.       The dishwasher is scheduled for repair and should be completed by the end of October.

8.   How do I pay for meals using one of the caterers on the list?

a.       Government Purchase Card (GPC).  Also, get in contact with the caterer and ask for additional information that may be required.


View the USAG Devens RFTA Standard Operating Procedure - Contract Dining Facility