The Protection Division provides professionally trained, positive, community-focused, Army law and order services, physical security services and access control operations that are responsive to the needs of the commander and the installation community. The Division is committed to maintain good order and discipline, safety and security for all those who work on or visit the Detroit Arsenal. 

The Protection Division is located in Bldg 203.

Requests for Law Enforcement and Traffic Accident Reports

To obtain a copy of a Law Enforcement or Traffic Accident Report, contact Police Operations at 586.282.6399.


Traffic Tickets

To inquire about the receipt of a traffic ticket, contact Police Operations at 586.282.6399.


Lost and Found

To report lost or found personal property, contact the Emergency Dispatch Center at 586.282.5511. 

To inquire if lost personal property has been recovered, contact the Found Property Custodian at 586.282.3082. 

All found property is maintained for 120 days before final disposition.


Crime Prevention Awareness and Prevention

All Employees are responsible to safeguard government and personal property in the workplace. Managers and supervisors should conduct non-routine crime prevention assessments of their assigned workspace. Use of an Activity Security Checklist (SF701) is encourage to provide daily security awareness and prevention in the workplace.