Gate 1 - Mound Road Acess Control Point (ACP) - Located between 11 Mile Road and 12 Mile Road on the east side of Mound Road.  This gate operates 24/7 and is the Commercial Vehicle access point - all commercial vehicles must enter through the Inspection Point.  All visitor access is processed through this gate when the Visitor Control Center is closed.

Gate 38 - 11 Mile Road ACP - Located between Van Dyke Road and Mound Road, on the north side of the 11 Mile Service Drive.  This gate operates from 0530-1800, Monday through Friday (duty days only; closed Holidays and Weekends).  The Visitor Control Center is located adjacent to the gate.


The Detroit Arsenal Visitor Control Center | (586) 282-5757

Access to the Arsenal as of 24 June 2019 will be permitted by showing valid Common Access Cards,  any other Department of Defense identification cards such as retiree or family member ID cards (similar to other Army installations),  or unexpired current Arsenal security badges.    Current badges will be accepted for installation access until their expiration date but they will not be renewed for CAC/Military ID holders.


All persons entering the Detroit Arsenal without the above credentials are required to obtain a security identification badge from the Visitor Control Center (VCC).  The VCC is located between Van Dyke and Mound Roads, on the north side of Eleven Mile Road in the City of Warren, Michigan.

Phone: DSN 786.5757 or Commercial 586.282.5757.

Enter the Detroit Arsenal Eleven Mile Road Gate and make an immediate right into the parking lot adjacent to Building 232.

The VCC is where a visitor receives a security identification badge for access to the Detroit Arsenal.  Persons with a DoD CAC or Military ID Card may self-sponsor for access.  Persons without CAC or Military ID must have a government sponsor submit a Visitor Badge Application (STA Form 17) prior to the visit.  All persons without a CAC or Military ID are subject to a Criminal History Record check prior to being granted access.

The VCC is open Monday through Friday, 0700 - 1400, except Holidays. Due to the high volume of visitor traffic from 0700 - 1000, permanent employee badges are normally processed between 1000 - 1400 hours

Real ID Act of 2005

Under the provisions of the Real ID Act of 2005, driver's license and ID cards from certain states and territories are not valid for unescorted access to the Detroit Arsenal. Click on the following link for the Department of Homeland Security website to determine the status of each state and territory " Current Status of States/Territories.". Persons requesting unescorted access to the Detroit Arsenal and who present a standard license or ID from one of those states will be required to present additional documentation to verify their identity prior to being allowed access.