Army Continuing Education System (ACES) policy, programs and incentives support the self-development domain of the Army Leader Development tenets by providing Soldiers opportunities for traditional and technology-based education, and support for personal and professional career goals. ACES is managed by the Human Resources Command, Army Continuing Education Division (HRC ACED) and administered under Army Regulation 621-5 (AR 621-5).

Active component, Army National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers can find additional information about the ACES programs and services listed here by visiting GoArmyEd at or contacting their respective, servicing Army education centers.  A list of Army education centers by installation, state, or region can be found at Soldiers can also download the Guide to Army Education Programs and Services.

The educational and vocational counseling process is central to the delivery of meaningful ACES programs and services.  ACES counselors are responsible for assisting Soldiers to establish realistic short or long-range educational goals, make plans to attain those goals, and access the appropriate ACES programs and services to support the goals.  All Soldiers must be counseled to establish education or vocational lifelong learning goals and to develop a plan to attain the goals before participating in any ACES programs and services.  Soldiers should contact their servicing Army education centers to schedule or receive counseling.

ACES Soldier development programs provide on-duty and off-duty academic instruction in job-related skills to assist Soldiers to increase military competencies and leadership attributes.

Soldier development programs include the following:
     1.  Functional Academic Skills Training (FAST)
          FAST consists of four programs that help Soldiers improve reading, mathematics, writing, speaking, or computer skills
     2.  High School Completion Program (HSCP)
          The HSCP provides Soldiers the opportunity to earn a high school diploma or equivalency diploma.
     3.  English-as-a-Second Language (ESL)
          Non-residential ESL programs are offered either on-duty or off-duty at a permanent duty station.
     4.  Mission-required Language Training
          Mission-required foreign language training is an on-duty program providing Army personnel with foreign language skills or refresher
          training necessary to perform their duties in language-required positions.

Army Personnel Testing (APT) provides standardized testing, including language proficiency testing, to determine if Soldiers are eligible to receive specialized training. APT supports the Army’s personnel selection and classification process, and/or additional pay incentives.  Soldiers should contact their servicing Army education centers to receive information about tests offered and to schedule APT appointments.