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Due to the current COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, The Retirement Services and Transition Offices will have limited office hours.    Our goal is to provide seamless service to our customers. 

If you need to coordinate REFRAD/separation/retirement processing services you can still contact the transition office at 717 245 3894 or send an email to

If you need to coordinate benefits assistance, casualty assistance, survivors benefits, etc you can still contact the Retirement Svcs Office at 717 245 4501 or send an email to

Purpose: Provides information and services on benefits and entitlements to active duty Soldiers and Families preparing for retirement and to retirees and Families.

Survivor Benefits/Retirement Benefit Briefings: Carlisle Barracks is not a station of choice. Your Retirement Orders must indicate Carlisle Barracks as your Soldier for Life Transition Site to receive this briefing.  This is a one-on-one briefing located in the RSO office and takes 90 minutes.  If the member is married, the spouse needs to be present.  Appointments can be made by contacting the Retirement Services Office (RSO) at (717) 245-4501 or

Pre-Retirement/Pre-Separation Benefits Group Briefings:  Group benefits briefings are conducted monthly in conjunction with other installation tenants.  The schedule and registration information are as follows: 

To see the following upcoming TAP calender please go to:

Retirement Ceremonies: We do not offer Group Retirement ceremonies. Individual ceremonies are planned through the member's PAC.

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