Effective Tuesday, 8 September 2020, the Carlisle Barracks DEERS/ID Card office began operating on an appointment system only.  Appointments can be made at  You will need to make a separate appointment for each card you need made.  If you need more than one card, all of your appointment times must be different (i.e. 0730, 0750, 0810).  All other types of transactions (add/remove family members, college student verification, DD Form 1172 signed) require only one appointment.  You must have an appointment to be seen.

There are only two exceptions:  1.  Pin resets for Common Access Cards.  2.  In/Out-Processing that doesn't require anything to be done to your DEERS record.  If you are in one of these two categories, please identify yourself to a DEERS/ID card specialist or see the Operations Supervisor in Room 134 (if available).

This is a new process for all of us so please be patient and understanding as we migrate into this new way of doing business.

Our appointment scheduler is set up for 20 minute appointments.  It is important to know that not all appointments last 20 minutes.  Some go quicker and some go longer.  Please arrive early for your appointment with all required documents.  Remember that if you lose an ID card, a police report must be presented to receive a new ID card.

If you are not present at the time of your scheduled appointment, you will need to schedule a new appointment.

As in the past, the DEERS website can have problems or crash on a moment’s notice.  This is beyond our control and we have no way knowing when it’s going to happen or when it’s going to be fixed.  We will do everything within our power to notify you in advance and to update all available media (voicemail, website, et cetera) as soon as possible.

SEPTEMBER 2020:  COVID-19 Guidance for DoD ID Cards can be found at

Teslin/USID (red, tan, green or blue) cards due to expire since 01 January 2020 have automatically been given an extended expiration date of 30 June 2021 as long as the cardholder’s eligibility status remains unchanged.  All previously extended CACs will expire on 30 September 2020.

If you are turning 65 years old and are picking up MEDICARE Parts A & B, please call our office to discuss the matter with an ID Card Office employee prior to coming in for your new military ID card.

The mission of the Carlisle Barracks DEERS/ID Card Office is to provide enrollment assistance for the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and issue Common Access Cards (CACs) and other United States Uniformed Services Identification Cards to authorized Soldiers, Family Members, Retirees, 100% Disabled Veterans, and Civilian & Contractor employees within the established laws, rules, and regulations using the Real-Time Automated Identification System (RAPIDS) website.

For those customers driving a long distance, it is recommended that you call the office beforehand to ensure the DEERS/ID Card website (RAPIDS) is operating; that the post is open; and we can provide you with information on any/all documents you need to bring with you. In case of inclement weather please call 717-245-3700.  More detailed information about the various types of ID Cards and the forms you are required to present so we can issue a card can be found below. 

Finally, we are a small facility with limited resources; scheduling conflicts, emergencies and IT related problems do occur. If we are unable to service you, there are a number of other DEERS/ID Card offices in the area for you to go to. Utilize the RAPIDS Locator at to find the DEERS/ID Card site closest to you and to schedule an appointment, if necessary.

DEERS/ID Cards Eligibility Requirements

Documentation / Requirements

Proof of Identity is Mandatory! Below is guidance for acceptable identification documents.

·         Click here for Primary and Secondary Documents

  • ·         All documents must be originals, or original court certified copy.
  • ·         All foreign documents must be originals with an Apostille and translated in English. Please contact the department of Foreign Ministry Affairs in the country of issuance or Google "Apostille certification & country" to obtain guidance.
  • ·         All court documentation must be state or county certified stating that it has been filed and recorded in the courthouse.
  • ·         When a Social Security (SS) number is required, you must present a SS Card.
  • ·         Driver's Licenses must have an actual date of expiration. Cannot be expired

Military Members

Officialdocumentation must be presented for any updates or changes (i.e. Promotion Orders,Name Change Memorandum, Social Security Card.

Mustpresent two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification.

DoD Civilians

Alldata must be previously input through Civilian Personnel Advisory Center(CPAC).

Musthave two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification

DoD Contractors

Alldata must be previously input through Trusted Agent Sponsorship System (TASS).

Ifgoing overseas, a Letter of Authorization (LOA)/Synchronized Pre-deployment andOperational Tracker (SPOT) is required. For initial card, LOA cannot be olderthan 30 days from deployment start date.

Musthave two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification

Family Member

(18years and older) Must have two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification andone of the following:


ValidPower of Attorney (POA)

DDForm 1172-2: ID Card Application signed by the Sponsor and a Verifying Official

Foradding family members



DriversLicense (Unexpired)

BirthCertificate (Must contain the name of at least one parent)


UnexpiredPhoto ID issued by state or local government (No Badges)

FinalDivorce Decree, annulment or death certificate from previous marriage

NameChange for Spouse Upon Enrollment

Thename may only be changed if the spouse provides at least one source ofidentification such as a Social Security Card or valid Driver's Licensereflecting the name. If the spouse does not have one ID with her new name, thespouse will be enrolled in DEERS with her maiden name, but after Spouse isenrolled in DEERS with her maiden name, she must provide two forms of ID withnew name.



DriversLicense (Unexpired)

FinalDivorce Decree

DDForm 214 (Copy 4)

MilitaryID Card (DD Form 1173)

UnexpiredPhoto ID issued by state or local government



Ifparents are not married, see Child born out of Wedlock section below

BirthCertificate (Must contain the name of at least one parent) or Hospital Confirmationof Birth

SocialSecurity Card (if received)



BirthCertificate must contain the name of at least one parent) or HospitalConfirmation of Birth

SocialSecurity Card


FinalAdoption Decree or documentation from authorized placement agency under theDepartment of Human Services


SocialSecurity Card

Ward (Initial Entry Cannot be Cross Service)

Courtorder granting full custody to the Sponsor. Court order must stipulate that thechild will be in the care and custody of the Sponsor for no less than twelve(12) consecutive months. The court order can designate length of custody byage, time or permanency.


SocialSecurity Card

Child Born Out of Wedlock (Initial Entry Cannot be Cross Service)


SocialSecurity Card

Oneof the following:

VoluntaryAcknowledgment of Paternity from the State in which the child was born

CourtOrder establishing paternity

DependencyDetermination (Except Army not required)

ChildBorn Overseas

FS240: Consular Report of Birth Abroad or DS Form 1350: Certification of Reportof Birth

SocialSecurity Card

DFASPackets, incapacitated Child (Initial Entry Cannot be Cross Service)

DFASapproval if applicable.

UnexpiredPhoto ID


SScard and medical sufficiency statement (memorandum from doctor).

DFASPackets, Parent/Parent-in-law (Cannot be Cross Service)

DFASapproval, photo ID, SS card, birth certificate and birth certificate ofsponsor. Parent-in-law: in addition to above documentation, please includebirth certificate and marriage certificate of sponsor and spouse.

TheID Card Facility does not handle the approval for these packets.

Allpackets need to be re-certified every 4 years.


InitialRetirement: Retirement Orders and DD Form 214 (Copy 4) (Active Duty)

Reserve/NationalGuard Retirees need Orders/Letter transferring to Retired List and authorizingretired pay

IfMedicare eligible, must present Medicare Card

Musthave two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification

100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran

Letterfrom Department of Veteran Affairs showing member as an honorably discharged veteranrated as 100% service connected, authorizing commissary store and exchangeprivileges

DDForm 214 (Copy of Member 4)

Musthave two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification. Social Security Card

Full-Time Students

(21-23years old) - Attending accredited institution

Musthave two (2) valid, unexpired forms of identification, Letter from StudentRegistrar's Office or National Clearing House stating full-time student with anexpected graduation date.

Lost ID Cards

ActiveDuty, Reserve, National Guard & ROTC Cadets must bring a counselingstatement signed by commander or first sergeant and Cbks Form 245-R-E from theCarlisle Barracks Police Station (DES).

Civilians, Retirees, Family Members, or DAVs replacing a lost or stolen ID cardmust present a Cbks Form 245-R-E from the Carlisle Barracks Police Station(DES).

Identification Tags (Dog tags)

Thisservice is only available to Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and ROTCcadets. Please call our office for further information.

TRICARE Young Adult

Newprogram available for children from 21 to 26 years and not eligible foremployer medical benefits/insurance. The ID Card/DEERS office will verifyTRICARE eligibility in DEERS and a new ID card will be issued for medical andpharmacy benefits only. The ID Card/DEERS office will not have the ability toresolve any issues involving enrollment, if the record in DEERS does notauthorize TRICARE, you must resolve the issue with the TRICARE office.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does my sponsor have to be with me to get an ID Card?

Yes, with the following exceptions:

If the sponsor signs DD Form 1172-2: Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment in front of a Verifying Official, the family member may bring this form unaccompanied by the sponsor.

The family member may sign the DD Form 1172-2: Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment using a current (original) Power of Attorney (P.O.A.).

If none of the above, a 30-day temporary card may be issued.

Once the DD Form 1172-2 is signed, how long is it good for?

The DD Form 1172-2: Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment is good for up to 90-days.

What is the earliest an ID card can be renewed before expiring?

60-days, with the following exceptions:

card is damaged.

promotion of sponsor (for spouses, not children).

change of status.

If the sponsor is deployed, how can a family member receive an ID card?

The dependent should bring documentation stating deployment, or valid power of attorney if someone needs to added to sponsor's record in DEERS.

What is the minimum age a dependent can receive an ID card?

Age 10, with following exceptions:

dependent, dual active service members.

sponsor is a single parent.

dependent is not residing in sponsor's household.

How long may a dependent keep an ID card?

Up to age 21. At age 21, if the dependent is enrolled full time in an accredited institution of higher learning, that dependent may have an ID card until the date of graduation or their 23rd birthday, whichever occurs first.

EXCEPTION: The dependent is incapacitated either before the age of 21, or before the age of 23 if a full-time student. Certain forms need to completed and forwarded to DFAS and are available at this office.

What is needed to establish a dependent as a full-time student in DEERS?

A letter from the school's registrar's office stating the dependents full-time status and anticipated graduation date. The sponsor must also be providing over 50% supports for the dependent.

Can a parent, step-parent, or parent-in-law be added as a dependent to DEERS?

Yes. There are forms available at the ID Card Center that must be filled out and sent to DFAS for approval. Once approved the service member should bring the forms and the newly established dependent to the ID card center to be entered into DEERS and to receive an ID card.

What is required for a Disabled American Veteran (DAV) to receive a military privilege ID card (DD Form 2765)?

To receive a military privilege ID card, the person must bring:

The letter from the Office of Veteran Affairs (VA) stating that they are 100% disabled and has entitlements to the Commissary and Post Exchange.

The Service Members DD214 Copy 4: Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty

Picture ID and supporting documentation for any and all family members to be added.

Social Security Card

Note: A Disabled American Veterans ID card entitles them to Commissary and Post Exchange privileges only. Medical is handled by VA.

What cannot be cross serviced by this ID Card Center?

Initial verification for unremarried or unmarried former spouses.

Incapacitated children

Other individuals who require a dependency determination (over 50 percent support) (i.e. wards, parents, parents-in-law.)

Retirees from other services and former members not currently enrolled in DEERS.

Illegitimate child of a male sponsor, when paternity has not been judicially determined.

Illegitimate child of sponsor's spouse, when the sponsor is a member of another Service.

Navy and Marine Corps dependents residing in the Philippines.

Abused dependents.

You may call (717) 245-3533 or 4321 or e-mail any questions you have to