Connecting Military Spouses to Carrer

Obstacles to finding a job or career growth can be anything from the unexpected expense of a license transfer, to needing temporary financial assistance with the cost of child care, gas, clothing or uniforms. The Fort Campbell Spouse Employment Center exists to help eliminate those obstacles.

The Spouse Employment Center staff and counselors assess each client based on what jobs or training they want and what skills they already have. Based upon those factors, counselors assist the individual spouse in their action plan and job search.

While the Fort Campbell Spouse Employment Center does not provide actual employment for spouses, the staff and counselors can support and guide them in their job search through resources, training, and partnership funding. Whether a young spouse who has never worked before or believes there are obstacles to employment, or a spouse who is a licensed professional seeking employment after a Permanent Change of Station move, the Fort Campbell Spouse Employment Center can assist in a job search, at no cost, and in many cases can provide funding to assist removing obstacles to employability.