The Research and Analysis Center (TRAC) conducts operations research and analysis to inform decisions about the most challenging issues facing the Army and the Department of Defense (DOD). TRAC is a direct reporting unit to the Army Futures Command (AFC) and comprises four centers located throughout the United States. TRAC-White Sands Missile Range (TRAC-WSMR) is one of the four centers and is led by a civilian SES director. TRAC-WSMR is located at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, and has historically conducted operations analysis from the individual Soldier to Brigade level. TRAC-WSMR develops and maintains scenarios to underpin Army concepts and requirements; develops, configures, manages, and applies models and simulations; and researches, develops, and shares new analytic methods and modeling. TRAC collaborates across a network of Army, DOD, and multinational partners to enable our Soldiers to win our nation's wars.

Key capabilities at TRAC-WSMR: Analysis of Alternatives; Future Concepts and Requirements Analysis; Experimentation; Scenario and Data Development; and Models and Methods Research & Development.