How to submit a White Sands Missile Range FOIA request

Please note you CANNOT submit a Freedom of Information Act request using government resources or devices (i.e. government email/mail or PCs). It will be rejected! Return the FOIA request using your personal email/mail.

Please fill out one of the below FOIA request templates and return to the WSMR FOIA Office either through:
1. Emailed from your personal email address to the email listed below
2. By mail to the address listed below
3. In Person

Depending on the type of records you are seeking, proceed with Option 1 or Option 2 below.

Option 1: Fill out WSMR Form 2080: (DES) Directorate of Emergency Services | Police Reports
Complete WSMR Form 2080 if you are seeking police reports from the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) such as Traffic violations on WSMR, Traffic Accidents, Domestic Reports, etc.  Complete pages 1 and 2 by typing or writing on the form and send it to Amy J. Spangler, WSMR FOIA Officer, at

Option 2: Other than DES Records
Use Option 2 if you are seeking records "other than police records" (Ex. Informal inquiries, 15-6s, missile data, local contracts, etc.). Please copy and paste the below template and return to the WSMR FOIA Office in a new email.

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Company Name: (If Govt. leave blank!)
Email Address: (no Government)
Phone Number:

Personal Address:
Address (Line 2):
Zip Code:

Request: (Fill out A, B, and C)
A. Provide a focused and clearly written subject for the request.
B. Provide a date range for the records you are seeking or a date of the event or issue you are researching.
C. Provide accurate titles and full names and include any other supporting materials relevant to request.

Willingness to pay fees: I am willing to pay up to $25, $50, $100 (select one)

If you proceed with “Option 2,” please send the electronic request to

If mailing, please send FOIA request to:
ATTN: FOIA Officer
Amy J. Spangler
Professional Development Center
Bldg. 465, Rm. 151
White Sands Missile Range, NM

Point of Contact:
Amy J. Spangler
Admin Services Division/DHR
USAG White Sands Missile Range
DSN: 312-258-8513 Com: (575) 678-8513

FOIA Public Liaison Officer (PLO)
Serves as supervisory official to whom you may raise concerns about the service you have received from a FOIA Requester Service Center (RSC), following an initial response to you from the Center staff. Please contact the PLO if you have concerns about information you have received about your FOIA request after contacting the appropriate RSC.

FOIA requesters who have any questions concerning the processing of their requests with this Department of the Army FOIA office should contact this center at (571) 515-0306. If you are not satisfied with the response from this center, you may contact the Army FOIA Public Liaison, Alecia Bolling, at (571) 515-0306, or by e-mail