Sandra Class, Army Substance Abuse Program Manager, right, leads the U.S. Army Garrison team against the White Sands Test Center team in a game of Jeopardy Oct. 12 at the Post Theater.

WSMR uses Jeopardy game to educate workforce

The White Sands Missile Range Army Substance Abuse Program along with the Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention Program kicked off FY24 training with a game of Jeopardy to educate the WSMR workforce on Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse and SHARP Oct. 12 at Post Theater.

Event organizers used the game, which had U.S. Army Garrison employees playing against White Sands Test Center employees as contestants, to get the audience to participate.

In the end the WSTC won the game.

By Miriam Rodriguez

WSMR Public Affairs