White Sands Middle School students wrote positive affirmations outside the school.  (Photos by Sandra Class)

White Sands Missile Range community participates in Sidewalk Chalk Contest

Members of the White Sands Missile Range community participated in a Sidewalk Chalk Contest Sept. 27 as part of Suicide Prevention Month.

Community members wrote inspiring and preventive messages or created art pieces on the sidewalk outside their home or agency.

The event was sponsored by the Army Substance Abuse Program office.

The team winners are TEAM -SVAD, Bethany Tyree and Esther Thompson

The individual winner is Nalani Fosher

The organization winner is U.S. Navy

The family winner is Dame Family

Sandra Class, Army Substance Abuse Program Manager, said the intent of the event was to create an art piece by using chalk to highlight a positive prevention message to suicide prevention.  The art pieces could focus on protective factors, positive messaging, Ask Care Escort, or ways on how to connect to protect.

September is observed as Suicide Prevention Month and the event is a focus on awareness to prevent death by suicide. This year’s theme, “You Are a Light in Somebody’s Life,” highlights the critical role relationships and interpersonal connections to family, friends, and the community play in prevention.

By Miriam Rodriguez

WSMR Public Affairs