UTEP leadership visits WSMR with ongoing discussions of education partnerships

University of Texas El Paso Vice President of Research Dr. Ahmad M. Itani, and College of Engineering Dean Dr. Kenneth E. Meissner visited the installation to meet with WSMR leadership.

"I very much appreciated the time and expertise provided by Dr. Itani and Dr. Meissner today it was a really outstanding forum to explore opportunities for the future," said WSMR Test Center Technical Director Tristan Gilbert. "Today's meeting was a great discussion on the establishment of an enduring and meaningful partnership between the University of Texas at El Paso and the White Sands Test Center."

Installation leaders are continuing to foster education and skills development programs with local universities to ensure its future workforce will continue to meet the Army and Department of Defense’s mission on the range.

“We are looking forward to partnering with the University of Texas El Paso as we improve our civilian workforce with talent management and also as we build the Army of 2030 and 2040,” said WSMR Commander Col. George C. Turner.