Roadblock scheduled Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024

Highway 70 is scheduled to be blocked at 6:25 a.m., block will last approximately 1 hour. The blocks will be located at ‘Red Block’ (top of San Augustin Pass/Mile Marker 164) and at ‘Yellow Block’ (near the WSNP/Mile Marker 200).  The Las Cruces Gate, Owen Road, and Nike Avenue will also be affected.

Be advised roadblocks are subject to change without notice.

Guidance in case of medical emergencies during a roadblock or gate closure:

If someone is stopped during a roadblock or gate closure and feel they are experiencing a medical emergency, they should drive to the front of the roadblock or gate and tell the on-side police officer or gate guard they are having a medical emergency. The police officer or gate guard will then contact the Range Control Office to determine how to proceed from there.

Submitted by:
Cristina Castaneda
Range Control