Cutting the ribbon at the Feb. 9 event from left: Nino Bassaro, Director of DFMWR, WSMR Commander Col. George C. Turner, Summer Irvin, Business and Recreation Division Chief, Jeannie Ostrom, Frontier Club Business Manager, Garrison Commander Col. David A. Mitchell, Command Sgt. Maj. Michael S. Cordery, and Deputy Garrison Commander Fred Hankerson.

Frontier Club officially open

The White Sands Missile Range Frontier Club is officially open following a ribbon cutting ceremony Feb. 9.

WSMR leadership invited the community to attend the grand reopening of the newly renovated Frontier Club and Fallout Shelter Bar & Grill. 

Garrison Commander Col. David A. Mitchell thanked several individuals for their effort in the reopening of the club.

“I want to acknowledge the fact that it takes a real Army to put something like this together and the effort that the team did to make this change,” Mitchell said.

Nino Bassaro, Director of DFMWR, said this is an incredible opportunity to serve the White Sands community and the surrounding areas better.

“It is long overdue, there’s been multiple reinvestments, everything from aesthetic to training, to changes to the food and beverage menu.”

Also present were WSMR Commander Col. George C. Turner, Command Sgt. Maj. Michael S. Cordery, Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Jamal N. Latore, Deputy Garrison Commander Fred Hankerson, and Test Center Commander Col. Shawn Smart.

The ceremony included a tour of the newly renovated facility, along with a reception serving light refreshments.

In addition, the Club has a new, improved menu and serving format which greatly expands the variety and quality of items offered.

Several contractors and individuals were acknowledged for their input to include Sebastian Sandoval who served as the contracting officer, Darren Court and Jenn Jett with the WSMR Museum, and Al Fuller with MWR.

Miriam Rodriguez

WSMR Public Affairs