Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization, and Security (DPTMS)

MISSION: The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization & Security executes Army G2 security programs, plans and executes the emergency management, antiterrorism, and deployment/redeployment programs, coordinates and tracks the execution of tasks and orders, and operates tactical training ranges and facilities in order to ensure WSMR retains the capability to train Soldiers and test equipment.

Key Tasks:
  • Coordinate operations between higher, lower, and lateral organizations
  • Manage and prepare taskings, plans, and orders
  • Manage the Emergency Preparedness and Antiterrorism/Force Protection Programs
  • Operate the Installation Operations Center and the Emergency Operations Center
  • Operate ranges, training areas, and provide training support to Soldiers and civilian agencies
  • Process security clearances and oversee the protection of classified material

VISION: The DPTMS synchronizes actions across the Garrison by working in partnership with Team WSMR to develop and administer plans, programs, and security systems which provide Team WSMR a level of protection that is rational, cost effective, and appropriate to current and emerging threats. We build trust and confidence in our abilities, programs, and employees through highly effective execution of our responsibilities, and reliable and predictable planning.

VALUES: Synchronized actions, security of sensitive technology, and protecting our assets from the threats of terrorism and other potential hazards is fundamental to our success. As members of the DPTMS, we dedicate ourselves to:
  • Providing reliable and professional services to our customers
  • The protection of life and critical property from the threats of terrorism
  • Successfully managing a crisis and its consequences
  • The rational application of Army force protection and security policies
  • Maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity