Directorate of Emergency Services (DES)

MISSION: The Directorate of Emergency Services is committed to providing a law enforcement and fire protection workforce of professional, knowledgeable, service driven people working together and with our local, state, and federal partners to be the best emergency services unit possible.

VISION: The Directorate Of Emergency Services will ensure the safety and security of the people on WSMR, making the installation safer, stronger, and more vibrant place to live and work.  Having a highly trained workforce of law enforcement, fire, and security professionals, utilizing the most modern equipment available, DES is ready to provide the best service possible to Team WSMR. 

VALUES: Public Safety is fundamental to our way of life and our future. We will build trust and confidence in our abilities, programs, and our employees through progressive enforcement and support activities, highly effective execution of our responsibilities, and rapid and professional response to any emergency. As members of the Directorate of Emergency Services, US Army Garrison White Sands Missile Range, we dedicate ourselves to:
  • Providing reliable and professional emergency services to our customers
  • The protection of life, property, wildlife, the environment, and historical artifacts
  • The safety and security of all members of the WSMR community and Team WSMR
  • The enforcement of both military and civilian laws, regulations, and directives as mandated
  • Maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity
  • Maintaining the highest standards of personal fitness and professional appearance