Physical Preparation:

This physical preparation program is a 14-week training cycle designed to prepare Soldiers for the physical rigors of the Sapper Leader Course.  This will help build overall strength and muscular endurance, and will develop cardiovascular capacity for the continuous efforts required at the course. Some events include the SPFT, 12-mile Ruck, Air Operations, Waterborne Operations, Mountaineering Operations, Conventional and Expedient Demolitions, Small Unit Tactics, and Combat Patrols.


            The program consists of three phases; Phase I- is 6 training days/week; Phase II is 5 training days/week; Phase III are taper weeks. Table 1 identifies training session goals for each day/week, and Table 2 & 3 includes 1 Rep Max and Percentage weight charts, respectively. This will help you identify your lifting weights for each individual lift throughout each session. This program is a linear progression model to allow the Soldier to progressively increase muscular endurance, strength, and cardiovascular capacity by the end.  All of the weights on strength days are recommended based on an intermediate athlete’s skill level.  You can scale as appropriate based on your personal fitness level.


            This program has a large amount of volume especially in weeks 5-12.  Ensure that you get plenty of rest and fuel your body with enough calories and proper nutrition throughout the entire program.