" When our Nation needs a tough job done they call the Army. "

"When our Army needs a tough job done they call on the SAPPERS."

                                                                                   -LTG Robert B. Flowers


14th Annual LTG Robert B. Flowers Best Sapper Competition

Competition Dates: 30th March 2020 through 1st April 2020
Competitors will report:  28 March 2020 and be attached to the Sapper Leader Course until 3 April 2020
Registration: CLOSED

Priority of fill:
Priority of fill is to Teams composed of two Sapper Leader Course Graduates, MOS and Rank immaterial.

Teams that do not meet the above criteria will not be authorized to attend.

Team applications must be submitted to Best Sapper Committee Email address at: usarmy.leonardwood.engineer-schl.mbx.best-sapper@mail.mil

Each packet must contain:
STC Form 3-A Application form: Filled out completely and signed by the team's sponsoring CSM (BN or Higher). This form must me completed and signed digitally.
Records Brief: SRB, ARB, ERB or service equivalent with DA Photo for awards purposes. It will not be a reason for denial if DA Photo is not on attached records briefs but it is preferred.
Biography: One per competitor, use template and change highlighted areas.
Hometown News release: Highlighted areas are mandatory (Blocks 3 through 9, 14A  through 23) the rest is optional.
PAO Photo/Video Release form:  Due to the high visibility of the competition it is likely that photos and or video will be taken of the competitors during the competition. If you disagree to allow permission to have photos/videos taken the PAO teams will try to accommodate this to the best of their ability, but it is still likely that it may happen. Check box to agree or disagree, sign, date and print full name.
IRS Form W9: Fill in highlighted areas. If you have questions the directions are in the attached pages of the example.

Once packet has been recieved by the Best Sapper Committee, you will recieve email confirmation that the packet was accepted, or a response with corrections. If you do not receive a response email by 10 January 20, or within three business days after 10 January please call the Sapper Training Company at 573-596-0823. Please forward all requests for information to the Best Sapper Committee email, and refrain from calling the STC unless it is absolutely necessary.