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A revision to AR 385-10, The Army Safety and Occupational Health Program, was published on 24 July 2023, but is not effective until 24 August 2023. Because of this revision, changes to the following publications have also been made.
   DA PAM 385-1               Superseded         DA PAM 385-10   Revised    07/24/2023
   DA PAM 385-11             Superseded          DA PAM 385-16   Revised 07/24/2023
   DA PAM 385-24             Superseded        DA PAM 385-40  Revised 07/24/2023
   DA PAM 385-25             Superseded        DA PAM 385-61   Revised 07/24/2023
   DA PAM 385-26             Superseded        DA PAM 385-64  Revised 07/24/2023
   DA PAM 385-65             Superseded        ARMY DIR 2018-07-13 Rescinded
   DA PAM 385-90             Superseded        ARMY DIR 2018-07-15 Rescinded
 For full details on these updates, search on the Army Publishing Directorate .


MOTORCYCLE SAFETY COURSE   FS: (912) 767-7878   HAAF: (912) 315-5181

Sign Up Now! ⚠    *Must use Government/Military computer with CAC card.

The motorcycle safety courses are required for Soldiers who choose to operate a motorcycle on and off post. Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield offers both the Basic Motocycle Safety Course and the 1-day refresher!

What is the uniform for class?

Students must wear a long sleeve shirt, long legged durable pants, over the ankle boots, full-fingered gloves, and eye protection.

If you do not have a motorcycle helmet, one will be provided for you.

Who can take the course?

The Fort Stewart Hunter Army Airfield Motorcycle safety course is for active duty personnel only. Civilians, retirees, spouses, or dependents may not attend the course.

Where is the class?

Fort Stewart classes are held at Bldg 162 which is between the 24-hour Shopette and the Main Post Chapel off Calvary Way.

HAAF classes are held at Bldg 1467 off Duncan Drive.

Which course do I take?

If you have never taken before, you will need to take the basic rider course.

If you have a BRC card, you will need to take the one day experience rider course for cruiser type motorcycles or the military sports bike rider course for sports type motorcycles.

Help signing up for training:

Once you're signed in, select "Southeast" as your region.

In the Garrison menu, select Fort Stewart or Hunter.

Select your preferred class date.


Sign Up Now! ⚠   *Must use Government/Military computer with CAC card.

Remedial driver's training is a course for active duty service members who have been command-referred by their unit or need to renew their driving privileges on-post.

Drivers Privilage Suspension

Download the Restricted Installation Driving Privileges Packet

The privilege of driving on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield is subject to either administrative suspension or revocation for cause by the Installation Commander.

Suspension and revocation actions are based on the commission of serious moving traffic violations, or the failure to appear as directed for Magistrate’s Court. Suspension or revocation of installation driving privileges may occur if a person accumulates assessed points in excess of the amounts indicated in AR 190-5, Chapter 5. Privileges will be suspended for up to 60 months for driving while license is suspended or revoked.

Driving privileges will be revoked for a mandatory period of not less than one year in the following circumstances:

  1. If the Installation Commander has determined that the person lawfully apprehended for intoxicated driving refused to submit to or complete a test to measure the alcohol content in the blood, or detect the presence of any other drug, as required by the law of the jurisdiction or installation traffic code.
  2. If a conviction, non-judicial punishment, or a military/civilian administrative action resulted in the suspension or revocation of a driver’s license for intoxicated driving. When temporary suspensions are followed by revocations, computation of the revocation time is prescribed in AR 190-5.
  3. If the Physical Security Vehicle Registration System (VRS) indicates that an individual’s driving privileges have been revoked.
  4. If it is found that the operator has been previously suspended for driving while license is suspended or revoked.

If your driving privileges have been revoked, and you have no other means to and from your place of duty or other basic privileges, you may request restricted driving privileges in order to get to and from these required locations. Fill out the below memorandum, have your commander recommend approval or disapproval and attach assumption of command orders. Once compiled, bring the memo to the FSGA DES police admin offices for filing and processing. You should get a response within 5 to 10 working days.

Help signing up for training:

Once you're signed in, select "Southeast" as your region.

In the Garrison menu, select Fort Stewart or Hunter.

Select your preferred class date.

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